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Thursday, 26 September 2013

B for Believe!

The word I chose for the alphabet “B” is my most favourite word “Believe”. I love to believe. Like I always say, one of my good friends told me that I am an Alice in wonderland, to me everything is possible and I always believe that good things are yet to come even in the worst situation. I believe that there is a reason why few things are happening and that they are going to get better. If not in the way I expected it, it will surely find a way out. Sometimes, belief takes you a long way because I strongly believe that it has the power to change and reshuffle things around.

Recently, my cousin whom I call my little brother met with an accident. A grave accident that he was in a very critical condition that the whole family was thinking that we might not see him back again ever! He is only 19 years old. I was shattered; my head was so dizzy that I couldn’t even think of anything. I called my closest friend and he told me that he will be fine. He was sure that my little brother is going to come back. An hour later I received news from my dad saying he is dead and they have taken him off the support. I just couldn’t believe it. He cannot die, he hasn’t even started living and then if he had really died it would have been the 2nd biggest loss of my life. I went to my friend again he didn’t know how to react to this news, most of the men (especially the ones in my life love me immensely but they are extremely bad at expressing it) are not expressive. I kept the phone and I fought with God I just told him that there are diseased, elderly who want to die just so they will be put out of misery why my brother? I was really very angry with him that I didn’t find the need to talk to him. But somewhere deep down I had a feeling that there was a mistake and that my brother is alive. I sat in my room all lights off on the phone blabbering everything about my brother to my friend when my dad called, he said there was a mistake and my brother took a deep long breathe and coughed hard on the way of taking him to the morgue. I do not have words to explain how relieving it felt. But I think with my brother the entire family came back alive. We almost celebrated the moment and when he was all well we rounded up and kicked him so hard in the rear that he was not able to sit for few days. Anyway, I called my friend and told him what happened and the first thing that he told me was I don’t know why but I had a feeling that he was going to come back. That’s what belief does to you and yea with combination of prayer. J

So today, start believing. Believe that your life is not going to remain the same forever and it is changing with every passing minute. Believe that what happens to you today has a reason and the reason is definitely going to be good. It might seem meaningless now but in future you will know why it happened. Believe that love given will always be returned.

Believe that today is going to be a great day which will lead to many such beautiful days! Believe!


  1. Gayathri, you did not tell me this. There is some miracle called Belief and I have experienced it myself. Convey my wishes to your brother.

    1. Sorry Ani I did not say this to anyone except couple of my friends. Yes, Belief can do a lot of magic I have lot of experience! :) I will surely convey your wishes to him :)


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