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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Stop Reservation and Caste-bias!

I was forced by my mother and few of her bank executive friends to fill up the application form for a clerk position at SBI, you know they take up the aptitude tests and blah to get selected. I was reluctantly filling up the form while I could have done something useful maybe written a blog on how I want to change our Indian Education system, well I will come to that later right now let us concentrate on filling our application form for the clerk position. I had to stop at a place where I usually do while filling any kind of application form.
Caste - General/OC/BC and somemore Cs. I selected general and the moment I did that all the other privileges that the other castes had were disabled. People who do not belong to the general category get to attend training sessions on how to crack this exam. This popped a question in my mind, it was just obvious and I have very less control over my mind during these instances by giving a special "free" training to these "Special" people do they mean to say that they have a brain that is smaller than ours or their thinking and grasping abilities are a tad lesser than we normal general people? When a person from general category can crack the exam without training why these special people can’t? Will the bank have a person who is not really very capable then?
As per the Indian Government, “Reservation is an affirmative action designed to improve the well being of perceived backward and underrepresented communities in India. These are laws wherein a certain percentage of total available slots in educational institutes and government jobs are set aside for people from backward communities. Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Other Backward Classes (OBC) are the primary beneficiaries of the reservation policies, while there are also reservation policies for women." I presume this was brought into effect because the Government assumes that these people are under privileged and do make quite a lot of money so they should be given an opportunity to study or get a job. Does this mean the people who are from general category are stinking rich and money is never a concern to them? They anyway have a lot in abundance, right! Funniest part of this is you give them milk they ask for cookies. We talk about rights to equality and at the sametime give perks to people based on their caste.
How does Government assess if a person is underprivileged? If they say money, I can show n number of families that are underprivileged and are still under the general catergory because of their caste. While the candidate who has a reservation tagged on him, he gets pampered and these general students are forced to put in extra hardwork to get into that prestigious engineering or medical college just so they can see their upper class underprivileged family happy.
Education is a platform that doesn't require reservation! Any student who is an intellect should be able to get into the college he wants. What's caste doing in education? By giving the seat to a person who's scored lesser than another just because he ticked an option other than general pulls down the chances of another deserving candidate. This puts him through a lot of emotional trauma and shakes his confidence. Let the students compete without reservation and the one who deserves gets in, the one who doesn't should be allowed to do something he can do.
If there is something I think should be changed around us and is the need of the moment it is this, remove reservation and deciding what someone should have in life based on caste! Give equal rights to everybody, let's have a fair share! Let my competitor know the real hurdles I had to cross, let them be genuine to themselves and know what hard work means! Let's not judge the talent of a person based on the caste he/she comes from, let it be based on his ability and knowledge!
After all, all of us know (I hope) that a human brain weighs 3.1 pounds the caste of a person doesn't matter, God was not biased!
I have written this blog for Stayfree time to change contest on Indiblogger.


  1. General Quota - The thing reserved for them is 'Nothing' :|
    Nice post! :D
    All the best ! :D :)

  2. @Ankit - Yea.. :( Sob... sob! Thank you :)

  3. @Ankit - Yea.. :( Sob... sob! Thank you :)

  4. There are many things in our society that need to be changed... ..hmm nicely penned

  5. Thank you geet! Your name reminds me of Jab we met.. :)

  6. When poverty and lack of resources do not come based on cast, then why the hell reservation is based on cast. Indeed, this is one of the most important change which must take place immediately.

  7. The Reservation policy of India is gouging out the eyes of the normal persons so that the visually impaired can get even with them for the supposed crimes that the former had committed when we were all amoebae!

  8. This reservation devil never ends i think. Basically it was made for just 10-20 years till the BPL people become APL but today rich people are getting richer( even in Back ward class people) but BPL people are not progressing, it clearly shows that preferences never serve the purpose. or At least give preference to right people. Good one Gayathri :)

  9. This stinking caste based reservation has probably ruined the careers of many deserving candidates but there are also people who will always overcome the caste bias and triumph in their respective lives. I agree caste based reservation is a curse for our country and should be abolished.

  10. Wow.. This post is like a hard slap to the current system. So true di.
    You know in school, all those who are sc/st or whatever gets concession and they have to pay less fees. But there was one guy in our school, he scored 98% in 10th boards. He struggled his whole life and even then the college wouldn't take him cause he couldn't pay the high fees :|. He doesnt have a father and works day and night so that he and his little brother can study.. He studies, earns, and fills his, his bro's and his mom's stomach.. And yet the college wouldn't give him concession just cause he was general merit.
    Everyone was so angry. He was heart broken. But thankful to our school teachers, they paid his fees. But you know what? He is repaying it as well :|. He doesn't want pity and anything. He just wanted to get in :|.
    Our system is total crap. No rights no rules. Equality my foot :|. So angry on them :|.
    I hope you win this contest yaar :). Seriously.. And moreover, I wish some government people would read this post. Atleast them something will make sense to them. Hopefully..

  11. I am so happy reading this. Because I've always felt the General category, never get any benefits. Now that would make us under-privileged right?

    I know of people in my college who got it because of the reservation, but the one's who worked really hard. The one's with merit, DID NOT!

    t's just crazy and it definitely needs to change. Awesomeness :D

    All the best :)

  12. Nice and strong, clearly expressed views. I did not know you were participating in this contest. As far as the topic goes, I can see some logic on the other side of the fence as well. But we will have that discussion some other time.

  13. @Amit - Agreed! Thank you!! :)

  14. @Umashankar - Thank you for the comments! :)
    @Vinayak - In India a poor man can never get rich. And not all bc are poor that's my point! Thank you for the comment.. :)
    @Akshay - Totally agree..! Hi-5 Thanks for the comment

  15. @Poo - Oh I pity the sad state of your friend!It happens everywhere.. especially in engineering and medical colleges! :(

  16. @Confused soul - Yea that's quite sad! Thanks a lot for the visit and comment.. :)

  17. Hey TF what a surprise you are here! :) The other side of the fence :O I don't know maybe! But I a, just so frustrated with this reservation as I have had enough of it.. The general category have to go through so much struggle while the rest walk their way in on a red carpet! Sad! Thank you for the visit and the comment.. :)

  18. I couldn't have agreed more with you. I mean everything is made so easy for them, that in the end it becomes difficult for us.
    I think the basic idea for the reservation was to help the under-privileged. But the sad part here is that, they went the wrong path. In my view, they should be helped, but not in this way, but by providing them facilities, like free books, access to libraries, electricity etc. That way only the "real" under-privileged could actually be benefited.

    I'd really like to know your stand on reservations which are not based on caste, like due to physical disability, or for martyr for a soldier etc.

    1. Ritvik - That's very fair and justful.. they deserve such a reservation. But the physically challenged get offended by these reservations at times because they think they should be treated equal.. but the others..!! :) thank you for the comment..! :)

  19. Very well written indeed. This has always a point of contention. I believe the government should ensure that for the initial grades maybe 1st to 8th or whatever, the standards of education, facilities, infrastructure, benefits etc should be provided the same for all students. That is all is required. Make it a leveled playing ground for all. Anything beyond that should be based on the talent, dedication and determination of the child. Why would I be comfortable going to a doctor who might have done his schooling/college/graduation with low marks and I don't know if he's really good or not. Why would I trust my life with someone like that. I have seen cases where people from reserved seats cant take the stress and eventually give up half way, wasting a seat that a deserving candidate would have done justice. In the name of reservation, I think its actually the general category which ends up paying the price.

  20. I hate reservations.Cheers for taking up such an issue.
    Nicely written
    Well done yaar..cheers for the article :).
    Also Check out mine.Give your comment on it.
    Are Hijra's(TransGender) not a Human being.?

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