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Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Tree

This blog is dedicated to all my followers who kept motivating me and helped me unleash my talent. Today I have 50 followers and I am hoping to have more in future.
Special dedication and thanks to my 50th follower - Ankit Patel. Who is a fellow blogger.

I sowed a seed
Which grew into a tree
Delicious were the fruits
It kept giving
without me asking for more
I loved the tree
I cherished it's presence
I shared the fruits
Word travelled faster
the tree had many to foster
They stayed with me
To watch the tree flourish
They loved the fruits
They cared for the tree
The tree grew greener and bigger
The fruits became sweeter and tastier
More came to share their love
But few decided to stay
And watch me jump in gay!


  1. Congratulations and heres wishing your following grows by leaps and bounds!

  2. Call it a rule of nature, if you are sweet and humble, more the people you get to care you. But i remember a quote 'we are not jokers for all to make them happy and laugh' :) good one Gayathri

  3. Just loved it ♥
    Loads and loads of thanks for dedicating me such a beautiful poem! :D
    I never expected, ki you'll do it! But you did... and that's the best thing every blogger should do... "They should always Follow their readers, so that the readers Follow them" and one should never expect more from anyone (lyk i did) coz den he/she might get disappointed if that anyone fails to complete the task... so expecting a little is better then expecting more! :D .... the poem was just awesome... I read it again and again .. thrice! :D :D :D
    keep blogging, you're too good at it ! :D

    You SHOULD take part in this contest : Coolest Blog Contest 2012

  4. Congrats and what a remarkable post...:)

  5. @Vinayak - very true! The proverb was really good! Thanks a lot I will check your blog! :)

  6. @Ankit - The pleasure's been mine! I always try to keep everybody around me happy.. If I can do something they ask for I definitely do it.. So here it a poem written and dedicated to you.. I also took the liberty of advertising your blog.. :P Hope you don't mind! you don't have to thank me so much because it is only for people like you I keep writing.. If there is no motivation you stop doing what you are doing! That's human nature.. :) So yea! Thanks a lot for being my follower! :)

  7. haha... no no probs at all.... i appreciate ur sincerity ! :D :D take care! ;) :D

  8. Amazing clarity you have with words. Keep it up.

  9. Here's an award for my favorite blogger - It's a Surprise! :P

  10. OMG!!! Thank you so much Ankit!!! :D You made my day.. I have taken writing really very serious that I want to be a writer in the next 5 years.. and an award like this is an honor!! Thanks a ton! :) I am writing a blog on what you have asked me to do so.. :P How do we paste the award on my blogspot.. :|

    1. Umm... :P No probs, you deserve it... and I hope you become a successful writer ... in less then 5 years ! :D :P
      Just save the pic from my blog and upload it on your blog ! :D :P

  11. @Ankit - Thank you sure will do! :P

  12. Congratulations di :D.
    I hope you get many more followers soon ;) :D.
    PS: When you get 99 followers :P I will UN-FOLLOW you ;P so that I can be your 100th follower :P :D.
    Hehehe jk ;) :D.
    Hope u get 1000 followers soon ;D and that u throw an ice cream party ;P :D.
    BTW lovely poem :) :D. I'll be there next to you jumping with you :D ;) :D.

  13. Poo - Sooo sweeettt.. definitely may all your words come true!! :) If you unfollow me when there are 99 followers then there will be 98 followers and you will still join as my 99th follower... God save India from you auditors... :P :D

  14. Oi :P I will Un-Follow when there are 99 :D and it will become 98. I will refresh my page. By that mini second u would have gained another follower. Then I will follow u making myself the 100th follower :P :D.

    God save India,from well, all other people than auditors :P :D :P.


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