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Friday, 18 November 2016

When winter is here...

I stand here at my balcony
With breeze caressing my hair and cupping my cheeks.
I close my eyes and think of you
Of all the seasons in a year, winter is the cruelest I think
It makes me realize how much I miss your warmth
Your arms around my waist, your chin on the hollow of my neck
My arms around the guitar, I play the worst tunes in the world
You are the only fan I’ve got. You are also my lifeline, do you know?
I would wait and yearn for that moment when you would kiss me
But oh! The torture of small talks and your boring little games
You would stall to make me long, just so I would make the first move
But oh my darling! You know I can be cruel. You know I can wait forever.
For I know you cannot wait and you know that is my bait
I would sing all our favourite songs and you would sing along
What magic do you have in your voice?
What sorcery you play with my mind?
Slowly and stealthily, you would pull me closer.
We would dance in the darkness and twirl around.
Close enough to feel your quick breathe on my neck
With apprehension filling my head and with heart pounding in my chest
I would lean on yours and listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat
You would lift my head by holding my chin; you would make your way to my lips
What goes on in that silly head of yours everytime I pull away when you want to kiss?
I wish I could get into your head and sit in the middle, unravel all the secrets you are hiding from me
But oh baby, if you were here right now. I would kiss you until we run out of breathe
I wouldn’t wait; I wouldn’t play your games. I would just kiss and get it over with
This distance between us and the things we could do.
Oh! This winter can’t get any crueler than this.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Dearest Dad, You should know why!

A letter to the only man who I think deserves an explanation on something very crucial atleast according to him. Maybe there are few girls who would agree with me. Maybe there will be many who think I am wrong. But here it is, a letter to my old man on one of the important decisions I have made in life.

I have moved my blog to wordpress and will be writing there going forward. Please bear with me once and follow me there, will you? :)

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Bajirao Mastani - Movie Review

Recently, I had to painfully sit through one of the probably worst bollywood films I have ever seen. One more bad decision because I was depressed! Damn me! This film will likely top the list permanently because I have quit watching bollywood movies once and for all. The extravagant set, the beautiful costumes and the dresses that I would consider wearing for my wedding and... Otherwise there was nothing very remarkable about the movie. The movie is a fiction work on Bajirao Peshwa about whom I have studied during my history classes from what I remember he is one the invincible and strongest commander-in-chief. But how Sanjay Leela Bhansali chose to show him in this movie? An ordinary man who was stuck between the women he loves and a mother who will not approve any decision he makes. A man who is capable enough to rule an entire empire and march further was not aware of the traditions of his neighbouring provinces.

Ranveer singh, did complete justice to the role that he was provided with (should I mention as usual here?) Priyanka chopra while looking elegant and not particularly gorgeous had grown a bit older for Ranveer Singh. She mostly seemed like his elder sister or maybe I am still stuck with the after effects of Dil Dhadakne Do. I would prefer not to talk about Deepika Padukone because the woman has only disappointed me all the time with her acting skills or the lack of it. Why and how does she always manage to keep a face that is very suitable for a funeral? It seems like she just attended one everytime in most of her movies. Someone should remind her of the fact that she is an actress and not just a model and one of the things that are expected of her apart from looking pretty as a doll is to act. Maybe we should move on from her because I don’t know about others but I am getting a tad bit bored of seeing her in all the movies bringing the same face and hairstyle over and over. I would love to see some fresh faces, faces that could act. Bajirao’s mother, Tanvi Azmi on the other hand reminded me of Leela’s mother, Supriya Pathak from Ram-leela, only that Supriya Pathak was really threatening and commanding for her role.  

Now, that I have ranted my heart out of the main actors. The plot itself reminded me of another Ram-leela except that Deepika is the mistress this time. However, Ranveer continues to fight with his family to accept her as their own, duh! And they both die towards the end only that in Ram-leela I didn’t know Deepika also got shot because she didn’t react at all! It is highly torturous and annoying (apart from the movie itself) to see Mastani accept to every stupid condition posed by Bajirao if she decides to live with him. A man who constantly abandons her by putting his own and his wife’s needs ahead of her irked the feminist in me!

The dialogues were very pleasing and romantic and oozed love out of it. While deepika failed to deliver it, we could atleast get the sense of the beauty in those love struck words. The songs weren’t impressive. What’s the deal with this Pinga song? Inspite of constant disappointment for nearly one and a half hour I had my hopes high for this song. But when the song finally came up I went like, “Come on!” They did not compare this song with Devdas, Madhuri and Aishwarya from Dola re! Trust me, there was nothing great about this song and it is an insult to that song that they actually compared this one with that! It’s sad how they portrayed Bajirao towards the climax , like he’s gone absolutely mad because he couldn’t get to his mistress. (I really loved Peshwa when I was a kid.)
Half an hour through the movie and I decided that I have grown too old for movies like this because I am highly intolerant to repetitive plots, gorgeous doll faced actors who cannot act to save their lives and movies that make absolutely no sense. As bad luck had it, I didn’t get my pop corn because of the long, unwinding queues and the staffs that cannot take orders properly. If you are in Chennai, please, please don’t go to Palazzo at the forum mall, you might die of suffocation!

So, what was the take away from the movie?
Stop watching bollywood movies and do not waste the money on movies that you can use to buy delicious food! Food!!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Night

The bright stars above the dark sky
The gleaming lights on the streets at night
With the cold winds singing the ears
The lovers cuddle and share a kiss
The children tuck down in their blankets
The old ones mutter a prayer
The crickets chirp their familiar tune
As the number of grunting motors go down
A pair of gloomy eyes wandered around
The misty surrounding, the dew drops falling
And out comes the darkness behind the veil
Creepily and stealthily, sheltering the evil
And the silence looms around longer than expected
Thus beginning the evil's clock!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Stand and Fight or Shut Up!

Dear Aamir Khan,

I have always considered you to be the no-nonsense guy. But you made me reconsider that decision when you got into the mud and joined the pigs over the “I am the superstar” fight. I have always respected you for the movies you make, for Satyameva Jayate (although I ignore the fact that you compel people to cry with your acting skills).

This morning I read an interview by you where you have mentioned that your wife wants to move out of the country because she thinks it is not safe for her child in India. I do not have great respect for your wife and have always considered her to be an idiot. Congratulations on joining her in being an idiot.

No offence or maybe I mean to offend you, either way I have few things to ask you. Why do Indian celebrities or Indians in general, especially people like you and Shahrukh Khan think it is a prestigious thing to get humiliated by a foreigner? Why are you such cheap attention seekers? Go there, get insulted, come back and make a drama. Every single time you enter US, they know who you are and what you do in India but they humiliate you at the immigration just because you have a Muslim name. It appalls me that you don’t want to change that impression about you there but want to leave the country where you are celebrated.

Is your wife so dumb to realize that she is in a nation where both you and she can make a difference? Where you can convey a message and it will actually have an impact on the people? Did you see a video that was shot immediately after the Paris attacks?

A kid tells the journalist that they should move out of France because there are armed men here to which the father says that they cannot leave France because France is their home. He is a simple father of a child that is the age of your own child. He is not a celebrity like you. He didn’t want to leave inspite of the possibility that his child might suffer trauma because of what he saw. He wanted to stay and fight. He didn’t want to leave his home.

What happened to your patriotism? Is satyameva Jayate only for the sake of media? A show that will gain you popularity, is that what it is? Why are you supporting people who are returning their awards? What will it actually do to the nation, to the poor, the flooded roads in Chennai or anything? How will it make a difference to a common man? Can you please explain? I am asking you because you are supporting them.

You make big talks that there is no Muslim terrorist/Hindu Terrorist but only terrorists, can you make people realize it? The world realize it? Especially the countries that slap you with the label “Muslim” and put you through humiliation in the name of checking. Don’t tell us that you are going to run like a coward and don’t show your child as an excuse. You are a bad example to him. Be ashamed of it!
Please teach your child to be strong for him, his family and his country not run away because something trivial happens here. Ask your wife to read about how immigrant mothers or mothers in general lose their children to ISIS. Does she read much? I am asking this because she still believes somewhere is safe. Teach him righteousness, virtue and to fight against the evil. Teach him to be strong and stand up for what is right and what he believes in. Teach him what you tell us in the movies or your satyameva jayate, I won’t bother watching them anymore.

And if possible, keep your wife away from your child because she is teaching him the wrong things like run away if there is a problem. She wants to go to a place that is safe, please tell me where is safe?

You are a hero and sadly in a country like India what a celebrity says make a difference. So, try to make a difference or shut up. Don’t create this foot in the mouth moments for yourself.
Maybe Arvind Kejriwal feels proud of what you spoke. God knows what he felt was amazing about what you spoke but just in case no one told you, a celebrity fighting to eradicate the issues of a country claiming to leave the country is pure hypocrisy. This is intolerance according to me. Now tell me, why do you want to leave your home? What do you call a man who is running away from his family or home because he wants to be safe?

An upset fan who is not your fan anymore.