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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Bajirao Mastani - Movie Review

Recently, I had to painfully sit through one of the probably worst bollywood films I have ever seen. One more bad decision because I was depressed! Damn me! This film will likely top the list permanently because I have quit watching bollywood movies once and for all. The extravagant set, the beautiful costumes and the dresses that I would consider wearing for my wedding and... Otherwise there was nothing very remarkable about the movie. The movie is a fiction work on Bajirao Peshwa about whom I have studied during my history classes from what I remember he is one the invincible and strongest commander-in-chief. But how Sanjay Leela Bhansali chose to show him in this movie? An ordinary man who was stuck between the women he loves and a mother who will not approve any decision he makes. A man who is capable enough to rule an entire empire and march further was not aware of the traditions of his neighbouring provinces.

Ranveer singh, did complete justice to the role that he was provided with (should I mention as usual here?) Priyanka chopra while looking elegant and not particularly gorgeous had grown a bit older for Ranveer Singh. She mostly seemed like his elder sister or maybe I am still stuck with the after effects of Dil Dhadakne Do. I would prefer not to talk about Deepika Padukone because the woman has only disappointed me all the time with her acting skills or the lack of it. Why and how does she always manage to keep a face that is very suitable for a funeral? It seems like she just attended one everytime in most of her movies. Someone should remind her of the fact that she is an actress and not just a model and one of the things that are expected of her apart from looking pretty as a doll is to act. Maybe we should move on from her because I don’t know about others but I am getting a tad bit bored of seeing her in all the movies bringing the same face and hairstyle over and over. I would love to see some fresh faces, faces that could act. Bajirao’s mother, Tanvi Azmi on the other hand reminded me of Leela’s mother, Supriya Pathak from Ram-leela, only that Supriya Pathak was really threatening and commanding for her role.  

Now, that I have ranted my heart out of the main actors. The plot itself reminded me of another Ram-leela except that Deepika is the mistress this time. However, Ranveer continues to fight with his family to accept her as their own, duh! And they both die towards the end only that in Ram-leela I didn’t know Deepika also got shot because she didn’t react at all! It is highly torturous and annoying (apart from the movie itself) to see Mastani accept to every stupid condition posed by Bajirao if she decides to live with him. A man who constantly abandons her by putting his own and his wife’s needs ahead of her irked the feminist in me!

The dialogues were very pleasing and romantic and oozed love out of it. While deepika failed to deliver it, we could atleast get the sense of the beauty in those love struck words. The songs weren’t impressive. What’s the deal with this Pinga song? Inspite of constant disappointment for nearly one and a half hour I had my hopes high for this song. But when the song finally came up I went like, “Come on!” They did not compare this song with Devdas, Madhuri and Aishwarya from Dola re! Trust me, there was nothing great about this song and it is an insult to that song that they actually compared this one with that! It’s sad how they portrayed Bajirao towards the climax , like he’s gone absolutely mad because he couldn’t get to his mistress. (I really loved Peshwa when I was a kid.)
Half an hour through the movie and I decided that I have grown too old for movies like this because I am highly intolerant to repetitive plots, gorgeous doll faced actors who cannot act to save their lives and movies that make absolutely no sense. As bad luck had it, I didn’t get my pop corn because of the long, unwinding queues and the staffs that cannot take orders properly. If you are in Chennai, please, please don’t go to Palazzo at the forum mall, you might die of suffocation!

So, what was the take away from the movie?
Stop watching bollywood movies and do not waste the money on movies that you can use to buy delicious food! Food!!


  1. Hahaha u helped me save my money. I anyway don't like period movies. Bhansali is known to make expensive movies with huge sets and heavy costumes. After Devdas, I did not watch any film of his becz somehow his movies bore me. Will not watch it now :) Thank God at least u second my opinion that deepika lacks acting skills. Yay!

    1. LOL I am glad I saved your money! Please don't watch it. I used to be a huge fan of Deepika. Of course ONLY for her looks, but these days I find even that boring. Too much of anything is good for nothing huh!

  2. Intolerance!!!!


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