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Friday, 18 November 2016

When winter is here...

I stand here at my balcony
With breeze caressing my hair and cupping my cheeks.
I close my eyes and think of you
Of all the seasons in a year, winter is the cruelest I think
It makes me realize how much I miss your warmth
Your arms around my waist, your chin on the hollow of my neck
My arms around the guitar, I play the worst tunes in the world
You are the only fan I’ve got. You are also my lifeline, do you know?
I would wait and yearn for that moment when you would kiss me
But oh! The torture of small talks and your boring little games
You would stall to make me long, just so I would make the first move
But oh my darling! You know I can be cruel. You know I can wait forever.
For I know you cannot wait and you know that is my bait
I would sing all our favourite songs and you would sing along
What magic do you have in your voice?
What sorcery you play with my mind?
Slowly and stealthily, you would pull me closer.
We would dance in the darkness and twirl around.
Close enough to feel your quick breathe on my neck
With apprehension filling my head and with heart pounding in my chest
I would lean on yours and listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat
You would lift my head by holding my chin; you would make your way to my lips
What goes on in that silly head of yours everytime I pull away when you want to kiss?
I wish I could get into your head and sit in the middle, unravel all the secrets you are hiding from me
But oh baby, if you were here right now. I would kiss you until we run out of breathe
I wouldn’t wait; I wouldn’t play your games. I would just kiss and get it over with
This distance between us and the things we could do.
Oh! This winter can’t get any crueler than this.

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