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Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Versatile Blogger

Everytime I visit the blog of few famous bloggers I find this "The Versatile Blogger" award and I wonder how to get this? And today I have one on my blog. Whoaaaa!!! I am jumping in joy. I take blogging very seriously for I want to be a writer in future. It is a dream and this is a milestone. Thanks a ton to Ankit who nominated me for this award.

So here is the list of bloggers who I think deserve this award, they take blogging seriously and they really are too good at writing. In no particular order -

So I was asked to do the below while I was given this award, so better do it too! I will visit your page to check if you did!

 •Nominate 10-15 fellow bloggers

 •Inform the bloggers of their nomination

 •Share 7 random things about yourself

 •Thank the blogger who nominated you (with blog link)

 •Add the Versatile Blogger Award Pic on your blog post
7 Random things about me -

To me the most difficult part of any conversation is - Hey so tell me about you.. what do you do? What do you like the most, blalalalalaa. I am not really good with this part of talking "about me" I find it extremely difficult and it strains my brain a lot, a lot more than double and triple integral problems! But then sometimes we just have to put ourselves out of the comfort zone. So let me get to it now!

1) I am a professional dancer. I learnt Bharatanatyam for almost 6 years after which got inclined on contemporary jazz and so I learnt it for 2 years. I became extremely crazy about hip hop after watching Step up 2 - street dance and so right now I am training myself in hip hop.

2) A year back I started writing to stay away from things that made me sad. As I started writing I fell in love with it and now if someone asks me what do you want to be after 5 years I would immediately say Writer. I want to take up writing as my full time profession. Writing changed my life and gave it a new meaning.

3) I am in love with books and I love to brag about the amount of books I have read and own. I carry a book wherever I go. I have over 200 books ranging from Adventures of Tintin, monthly editions of Russian child comics Misha, Amar Chitra Katha (I still read them), Novels by John Grisham, Jeffrey Archer, Sydney Sheldon, Agatha Christie, Dan Brown, P.G. Wodehouse, Chetan Bhagat, R.K. Narayanan, Kushwant Singh. Poems by Robert Frost, William Shakespeare. A full rack of self help books by Robin Sharma, Richard Templar, spiritual thoughts by Osho, Books on English Grammar,Synonyms and antonyms, Vocabulary builder. I love English as much as I love books. I have spent most of my life reading books. I believe that money invested in book is always wisely invested. I have a dream of having a room full of books one day. As of now it is just a rack full! Apart from books I enjoy bottle painting and painting with water colors. If you want to get me involved in a conversation you can always start talking about books and I am all ears.

4) Few of them who know me well call me a time table, to me everything has to be done in order; everything has to go by the rules. I somehow love to follow the rules and I can't get really nosy if you don't. If I find someone using their mobile phone in a place it is banned I go to them call them and show them the board if they don't respect me I go to the head of that place to complain. I don't budge unless you have realized your mistake and apologize. If you don't follow the queue and I am around, get ready to pick a quarrel. I don't expect things to be perfect, but one can strive to attain perfection. Hey! Nothing wrong.

5) I hate arguments. It's the most tiring thing to do. If someone starts fighting over a topic or an argument is about to pop the next minute Snap! I will vanish. :P I mean if there is a difference of opinion, talk about it and sort it out. Don't keep voicing out your opinion and how different it is from others. I am averted to conversations that lead nowhere or you keep saying what you have to say and they say what they have to say to finally realize that you are coming in circles. FO! I don't want to get into such discussions. I get irritated with such situations very easily. I also hate sorrowful situations where you think about the sad things that happened in your life and cry. I stay away from people and things who make me sad. I like to laugh a lot and I keep laughing for the silliest joke you say. I can get extremely crazy at times to do uber crazy things!

6) This might be a little strange to hear from a girl. I hate chocolates and ice creams. My mommy is very strict and disciplined, she never allowed me to eat chocolates or ice creams when I was a kid as I was suffering from asthma and tonsillitis. From then I got used to not having them and now when I can have them I don't want to. I don't like teddy bears either, don't ask me why! I just don't like to have them in my bedroom and hug them when I sleep. I love flowers a big bunch of red roses is more than enough to make me pose for a close up ad. I love balloons, cotton candy, pop corn, bhel puri, paani poori, beach sundal, masala corn, Jaljeera, tender coconut and those 50 paise candies, window shopping, visiting a museum, roaming around random streets, listening to the rain, talking to kids, counting the stars, visiting a temple or the sunday mass at a church (I like the preachings of Jesus they make you strong and confident) making random friends, getting lost and finding my way back, Jensen Ackles, Dhoni I love them all. I love Dhoni and I get very upset if CSK or Indian Cricket team loses.

7) I am a believer. I know what has happened to me today has a reason behind it and what will happen to me tomorrow is connected to what happened yesterday. Confusing eh? I know. Precisely, whatever happens, happens for a reason and I believe the reason is good. I don't confuse myself on the prophecies or theories. I don't have a theory to lead my life I just lead it and try to make an impact every single day. I try to make the best out of what I have now, I don't go running behind something that might be mine someday. If it is mine it will wait for me and I will get it when I am supposed to get it. I am a great fan of God. I marvel the way he's designed our lives! We meet people whom we don't even know yesterday and become their best friends, fall in love with them, get married to them. Human brain is equivalent to 1000 processors imagine the amount of information it can store! The way a human body functions wow! Amazing. If not for a great engineer like him we are not here talking to each other and writing blog about ourselves! I love him and always do trust him that he will give me the best. We have lot of misunderstandings but that only makes our relationship stronger.

Finally done, I took almost a day to write these 7 random things about me! phewww.!

 So, now I am going to inform the guys to whom I gave this award so they can get super hyper excited just the way I did!

And once again, Ankit! Dude! You are awesome man !! :D Thanks a zillion for the award. And oh! this is the link to his blog.

Cheers! Keep smiling.. :)


  1. congratulations !!! HERE'S WISHING YOU MANY MANY MORE..and I do like your list a lot.. very wisely chosen.

  2. Great to hear! Congrats! Here's hoping to more awards for you.

  3. Well, will surely read those nominated blogs! :D
    No need to thank me loads, you deserved it and you got. If you want, you can express gratitude towards GOD; the one whom you trust, the one whom you believe in and the one who is your biggest fan! :D

    Professional Dancer! Kwel.. :D
    You will become a write in coming years! :)
    Books, they seem to be your best friend, ha? :O
    I'm a bit systematic. But not TIME TABLE ! :P
    I too love cotton candy, pop corn, bhel puri, paani poori, masala corn, Jaljeera, those 50 paise candies, roaming around random streets, listening to the rain, talking to kids, counting the stars, visiting a temple (but not frequently :P), making random friends, getting lost and finding my way back... :D :D

    Cheers! and Kudos! :D :D

    PS - I've reverted to OLD TEMPLATE of my blog, just changed the font! :P :D :D OLD is GOLD, you see!

  4. Congrats Gayathri and thanks a lot 4 listing my name, i was shocked, then i overcame ;)

  5. I am really honored to receive your versatile blogger award.
    All the very best for being a well known writer.
    Again I also hate fighting and do vanish when there is a quarrel going on...
    A small suggestion from Village Girl: It will be great if you can give links to the blogs of the award winners (coz many lazy people like me won't try to copy the url and paste it on the address bar)

    village girl

  6. Thanks Gayu for listing me. Can you please replace the name with 'Lioness'. Pls pls pls... :)

  7. Hey Gayathri,
    :) :) :) thank you so much for the award. i appreciate it. I have replied to your comment on my post. It was indeed a lovely surprise.
    And yeah even i dream of having a library of books at home. I pick up good books whenever i find any.
    All the best for your dream. Way to go. Struggle and am sure u will get what u want.
    Thanks again.

    Cynthia Vincent

  8. Congratulations Dii :D :).
    You deserve it more than anyone else ever does ;) :D. You totally are versatile :D.
    I hope your blog is filled with AWARDS ;) :D.

    I love the your 7 random things :D. Too good :) :D.
    Did you know? :O I hate chocolates too :P. But I love ice cream :D and Teddy bears :P :D <3. But I won't cuddle up to them :|. I just like to have them :| :P.
    And books <3 :D Baap re :D.
    I wish to own a room full of books as well :D.
    I was smiling through the random things :D. Extremely nice they are ;) :D.

    Once again Congrats dii :D.
    You owe me HOW MANY TREATS? :P x-( :( :P.

  9. Congrats bt dont gt 2 excited Gayatri , coz many more are on way :)

  10. Thank you Kajal.. Oh I broke my head so much on that!
    @Rohit - Thank you.. :)
    @Ankit - lol good to know we have similar tastes..! :D Thank you!
    Oh yea old is Gold! I liked your old template... :)
    @Lioness - Congrats to you too! :D Thank you.. :P
    @Vineet - You deserve it! :)
    @Roopz _ Sure will do that..! :) Thank you and yea you deserved that award..!

  11. @Cynthia - Wow!! See books and people aah how much that helps me connect to them!! :)Thanks a lot for the comment..! And you really deserve the award.! :)

  12. @Poo - hahaha.. I know I will get you loads of ice cream when I am in Bangalore but aunty shouldn't come looking to beat me if you catch cold! :| Good to know you liked my 7 random.. :P :) And no wonder we have similar taste... Jensen, Jared, Ian, :D hottiesss..!! :P Thank you for the comments dear... :*

  13. @Alka - Thank you! I know I will get equally excited when I get those awards too... :D :P

  14. Many many congratulations on the award. You have a wonderful blog and I love your writing style.

    It was also very nice reading the random things about you. And thank you so much for the award. Really means a lot.

  15. @Raj - Thanks a lot it is good to hear such comments from such a talented blogger!

    Oh you are so welcome! You deserve the award. :)

  16. @Gaa-- heartiest congratulations to you... well it is jus the beginning, u r going to get 1000s of like this...I know u r an awesome blogger... and I am a big fan of your blog

    P.S- thanks for nominating me

    best wishes

  17. @Sri - Thank you.. thank you.. *taking a bow* and you did deserve that blog ! Keep writing! :)

  18. Bhelpuri and PaniPuri! Good Choice! It was good to know 7 things bout you!

  19. I can relate word for word with #6 above! Except the Dhoni part, nothing against him, just haven't been so connected to cricket lately. Nice knowing you!

  20. HI Gayathri, sorry for the verrrrrrry late reply but i was busy with exams and feeling depressed :P i am so very honored with this award, thank you so much for it :) you dont mind if i make a late acceptance post for this do you? if i do it now, it would probably come up messed like my other posts :P
    i am trying to catch up reading you posts that i missed too, i am so behind reading the blogs i love!!!
    btw, very interesting read of the seven facts about you. we have a few things in common, like the books part and the writing part. though i am a very disorderly person :P oh so many times in vain i have made a study timetable for myself!! :P
    will try and make a post for this soon. thanks again :)

  21. Oh btw, the new look of your blog looks great. i always liked this background in blogger, had it for my own blog sometime back!!

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