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Friday, 27 September 2013

C for Come Backs.

How would you feel when a friend you lost/a love you thought is broken comes back? When things are all over and you have moved on with your life this person comes back to show that they never left in first place, how do you feel? When you kept holding on to the hope that this person will come back someday and understand what you felt for them, understand the relationship between the 2 of you and things are going to be fine. You keep waiting and then comes a day when you are tired of holding on to that hope and finally let it go, this person comes back. How would you feel? Yes, I am going to talk about come backs today.
I have had several of this. I have lost many people in my life mostly because of my mistake and these people have always come back. The ones who left me without giving me a reason never did because they wanted to leave me without giving me a reason even when I asked for it. They have told that they want it out because they just want it. As days and months passed, I realized they had other priorities and by that I mean I was just an option to them. Anyway, I have no respect for whatever we shared when I was with these people. So let’s talk about the sweet ones that came back J

In class 12, I had a very best friend and we had arguments after we returned from our last tour together. It was probably because we spent 3 whole days together that we never really liked talking to each other we were young then and didn’t know all we needed was some time away from each other. We – split. We would see each other every single day and wouldn’t talk to each other. I cried like 3 whole days and then let go. This girl whom I loved so much in my life tracked me down got my mobile number and called me when I was in college 2nd year and I cannot believe she called. I cried in joy because I missed her. We had done every damn thing together from looking at guys to cooking our first recipe to bunking classes and going to movies we had done everything together. Life felt so empty without her and then I moved on but I just didn’t have a close friend after that. I was afraid of getting hurt and I just cannot go through all that, all over again. Then this lady calls me and talks like nothing happened and how much she missed me. It just felt like the good old days. Nothing changed the way we spoke and the way we shared everything. She came back as how I know her when I first met her. It felt really good. I had another close friend coming back to me after almost 6 months when I thought I lost him in my life and things are never going to be the same ever he came back. The best part was I had written a blog on Letting go and I had told our fight as an example on the blog. I don’t know when but this friend of mine had joined my company and had read my blog that was on the corporate website. He contacted me as soon as he read this blog and apologized for making me miss him for so long. I really cannot explain how happy I was that very day. Again things between us had not changed we were the same old crazy people talking the craziest things. These are 2 people I treasured and treated as one of my family and when they came back it felt good and overwhelming. It taught me one thing; people who belong to your life will eventually stay.

I am not the most perfect person. I am the only pampered daughter and I always get what I want and have my say. This was one of the main reasons I pick a fight with my friends because I failed to think from their perspective. Still they came back because they valued me with my imperfections. Over time, I understood no matter how hard it gets between friends and loved ones when the person wants to stay in your life they eventually find their way back. It’s love that ties us together and sometimes all we need to do is give things some time. I learnt it very recently the hardest way. Next time when someone you love leaves you give them time if they belong to your life they will definitely come back. If they come back in my life they will in yours too.

To come backs and unconditional love I have always received from my loveliest friends! J

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