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Tuesday, 13 March 2012


If we were to fall in love with the wrong person
Why get attracted to them in first place?
If we will not get what we want, but destined to get something better
why get the better already?
If we will not have what we wanted?
Why make us want for it in first place?

Is there a past birth and next birth?
Considering the fact there is as many say and especially when ,"mothers are always right!"
If the hardships we go through now are the returns of the bad deeds from the previous birth
what would happen to those that we do in this birth?
Why isn't a man punished for the bad deeds in this birth?
Why should he wait till the next birth?
Does this mean he's free to commit sins now?
How are we expected to know what we did in our previous birth?
Why punish for something that happened decades and centuries ago?
Make us pay for something that we are not even aware of!
Why not do now, so we realize our mistakes and correct ourselves?
So we can live a proper life in this birth!

If there is a next birth and our soul remains
Is the hell and heaven empty?
If the same souls are taken forward to next birth
Why there is a drastic increase in population?

What happens to the fake representatives of God?
According to me, they are the most dangerous and disgusting people on earth
But they live a happy life and die a happy death..
And do we really need a representative for God? I don't think so!

Why does money keep going to the rich?
If God is not biased, why there is poverty in the country?
Why are babies born with disabilities?
Why do people kill each other?
Why waste all the money in building such a big temple
when the house of so many is still a platform?
Why not feed the poor with the food stuff offered to God?

There are times when my mind gets totally logical and insane it comes up with such questions. But hey I am not an atheist and I am noone to question God. Maybe, I am just another sinned soul from the previous birth.. this is just the logical me... and the logical part of you is weird and is an athiest because it keeps demanding for facts and not in things you fantasize or believe in..! Well, anyway! Do you know WHY?


  1. very very profound. The whys will never stop..guess thats how the law of nature rolls.

    such a pleasure to visit again.

  2. as usual a straight drive.
    brilliant words.

  3. @kajal - Very true..!! Thank you for the visit.. :)
    @Dee - Thanks a lot!! :)
    Good to see comments from 2 popular bloggers.. :)


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