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Sunday, 18 March 2012

How I fell in love with my neighbour

When I shifted to a new neighbourhood, I found a woman who was quite impressive. The elegance in her walk, her beautiful face, the vibrant smile, the innocent eyes and the childish talks everything about her impressed me and I instantly fell in love with my 1.5 year old neighbour Teju. The initial phase of our friendship was a little rough. She hid behind her granny everytime she saw me. One day, I had been to her house as my mother had something to talk to her granny. The first thing I did as soon as I heard my mum saying Teju I jumped off my couch and went to the nearby shop to buy some chocolates. When I went to her house she was riding her bicycle that played nursery rhymes. I kept seeing her like a boy who is afraid of talking to the girl he likes, she got off the cycle and stared at me, I smiled but all I got in return was a frown. I touched her and she immediately took my hands off hers and gave me a, 'Don't you dare touch me' look.
In a feeble attempt to impress her I took out the diary milk and showed it her. She was riding her cycle in circles and with every passing minute she was speeding.. :D Slowly, I opened the cover and took the chocolate out. A slight smile appeared on those cute little lips. I raised my brows and asked if she wanted it. She got off her cycle and came to me. When the villain - her granny said she should not have chocolates and so I should not give her any. And so with no choice I desperately gave the chocolate to her granny. We left to our place in sometime. The next day, I happened to see her when I returned home from my morning walk. I smiled; she smiled and ran back to her flat. I ran behind her and hugged her. In the beginning she struggled a lot to get off my hold but finally gave in because she understood that I am not giving up.

My mother and her granny used to sit in the portico of our apartment and chat for hours together. I utilized this time to gel with my little neighbour. We used to play a lot and most of the time I gave up. She used to give up for me too. I am not exaggerating here, she used to give her ball to me and the taller side of the bench so I can sit more comfortably, In the park, if I start shifting her from one arm to another she insists on getting down and walk for a while so my arms don't ache. We used to share whatever she ate. I love spending time with kids and have been with lot of kids but I have not seen a sweet kid like her. She never cried for what she wanted, she is very adjusting and not adamant at all. She asks for something and if we deny she smiles and starts playing with what she has.

One day she stood out of my house and was hesitant about coming in. My mother who saw her standing by the doorstep carried her in. The moment she saw me the smile on her face was so blissful. I extended my hands and she came to me. From then if the front door of our house is open she becomes an uninvited guest. She became the VIP of our house. She rightfully goes to the kitchen and asks my mother to make her fryums. We climb on a stool and ring the wind chimes at my house. We color and read the newspaper together. We talk a lot and nothing in this world can make me happier than hearing her call me, 'Chechi'. My mornings are gloomy without seeing her and evenings sloppy without talking to her. The childish talks and the way she struggles to spell a new word are the most beautiful things in the world.  My mother and I are so used to her being around we start feeling restless if we don't see her a day, our mornings start with talking about her and in the night we don't sleep without talking about her. She is such a sweet heart. Her love for me is the purest form others seem very small in front of hers.
This little woman has occupied the major portion of my life and time. I have become so addicted to this little lady, she's such an adorable kid. I pray to God to give her a better life and bright future. Teju - A neighbour with whom I fell in love with.


  1. Lovely writing about adorable Teju! Children are the god's greatest creation:)

  2. Thank you Rahul ji! You are absolutely right... without them the world will come to an end.. Thanks again for visiting my blog..


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