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Monday, 19 March 2012

From too confused to insanely irritated.

These days I get so confused with 2 types of spellings American and brit. For example, is it neighbour or neighbor, favourite or favorite, color or colour, disc or disk, tonne or ton, meter or metre, center or centre and so and so and so... I write something on notepad and paste it on word for spell check I get confused to the greatest extent. I try to stick to the basics that was taught to me in school but then i am afraid of people telling me that when I don't know the spellings properly how can I even think of writing a blog? Basically, I am confused!
The next problem is SMS language. Honestly, I am not good at messaging I take a very long time to reply messages because I really dont have the patience and time to type long texts I find calling the person much easier and comfortable. So this SMS language has always been a grey area to me. waz up? howz u? hru? how r ya? Once my friend sent me an sms when I asked her if she was free over the weekend so we could catch up, she replied, "m nt sre f i cn cme, wl lt u knw." Honestly, it took me more than5 minutes to interpret this sentence. I don't understand the difficulty she found in typing, "I am not sure if I can come, will let you know" In a 4 letter word you remove one letter and send a cramped message which gives headache to people like me. Come on! Next the over usage of the poor letter Z, people use this letter whereever possible especially for the letters that end in S. Nobody can say that Z is the least used letter hereafter! Howz, whoz, waz, uz(yours), tiz. Ohz godz! Pleazzz!
Using the F and B word is a fashion now! Someone comes and tells you, I bought a new car, You should reply, "F**k! Sonofabitch! damn man, what car?" If you are frustrated you should say, "F**k I am so frustrated!" Never forget to use the F word in front of every sentence, infact use it wherever possible. It will make you sound cool. Get out or get lost is old fashioned these days you should say f**k off, how trendy! This is how people talk these days! If you think I am exaggerating go to an IT company and try listening to people who are frustrated with their bosses. Why go there listen to a set of people in CCD or any such hang out. Someone says something shocking or surprising the first thing someone would say will be, "WTF, dude!" Dude, please use a filter on that filthy mouth!
I pity the words wanna be, gonna be, gotcha, you betcha. When you don't use it with a proper slang it sounds horrible! Most of the time its made to sound horrible. Most of the them who don't know to use these words use a to and ing to after wanna and gonna respectively and I get so itched to correct them. Then people get confused with the question tags, yea question tags. If you are wondering what this is you would have studied this in primary school. Isn't it? Wasn't it? shall we? I sound totally irritated, Don't I? yea... now do you remember??
This is most saddest moment in my life, It will make you more happier. No! Happier is more, saddest is already most, she is my bestest friend best is already the est!
I don't know people have either forgotten their basics or their English teachers are to be blamed. English is such a beautiful language adorable I would say. Well, I am not perfect but I am not this worse either. This is the pitiful state of English now, I am sure it is going to worser in future. I am just wondering how much worser!
If you find a lot of ranting here, yes I am because my favourite language is getting raped! What do you expect me to do? Huh?


  1. First time here. Luvly read and ur scribbles against filthy mouth. Will visit more.

  2. @Magiceye - Sure! :D Thank you for the visit..

  3. The degeneration of the language saddens me too. It's strange how these new words evolve and stranger still when they become part of a dictionary. Cussing is something I HATE when I hear it from juvenile jokers.

  4. @Christy - Thanks a ton.. please do..! Always welcome.. :)

  5. Hi Kajal... :)) I think these words came into existence after the internet boom and the college going kids love to use it because it makes them sound "Kewl".:D about cuss words.. the little nephew use the S and F word a lot! :| God save the next generation and English.. Thank you for the comment! :)

  6. LOL :) i have got this confusion and it persists still :D
    WTF ? FY :D :D see i am just putting scene :D
    loved the post...
    as usual straightway talk.
    complaint complaint

  7. Your post made me smile in empathy...I have similar you get confused over American and British spellings...trying to stick to British need to set your computer's language to British you cannot stand this new generation language like the word 'mah'....anyway to each to his/her own I guess :-)

  8. @Deepak - Finally I made you laugh reading my post..! :D yea more complaints to come in future! :P thank you for the visit and the comment.. :)

  9. @Suchi - wow.. that's really helpful.. I am not the techy types you see.. heheh.. :D I am this generation too Suchi.. you made me sound old.. :( and yea I stick to brit too..!! Thank you for the visit.. and your cookery blog is just scrumptious...!! loving it.. :)

  10. Loved it.....would have said that 'it's f**king interesting babe!' but strictly NO! :))))

  11. @Abhishek - hahahaha... and I would have helped you with a filter... :P thank you for the visit and the comment.. :)

  12. Hi

    Loved that post! Agreed, the language is goin' to itz worsetest state!!! :)

    Guess soon this version will get a new name as a language :)

  13. @jaish - hahaha.. worstest..!! Sure it will don't worry.. :P Thank you for the visit and the comment.. :)

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