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Sunday, 1 April 2012

The First Kiss..

It was a rainy day in Bangalore when I got off the bus to wait for him to come and pick me up. I had mixed feelings as it was the first time I am going to meet Sid as his girl friend. We have been friends for over 3 years and I know everything about him but today was something different I was not feeling the way I used to when I was going to meet him. Afterall, we are not friends anymore. 'Pri, do you think we should get married?' he had asked a couple of weeks ago. I loved the way he asked it! No hesitation or fear of rejection it was a very simple question. That is him, very simple and outspoken. How will a girl deny the proposal of her best friend? I said yes! From then we had been planning to meet each other, it is a difficult task for us as I lived in Chennai and him in Bangalore. Distance played the villain role in our relationship. From the day we declared our love for each other we have been talking all day and night! What would have happened to long distance couples if cell phones and internet was not invented?
I saw him in a distance and my heart raced, excitement filled my mind I clenched my bag tighter. I waved so he can identify me; he parked his bike and smiled at me. I kept looking at him, How much gifted I am to have him in my life! he took the bag from me and said, 'Hey girlfriend! Finally you are here. I cannot believe it!’ He guffawed.
'Yes! I missed you' I said immediately. We drove to his place. It was a single bedroom apartment which had minimal furniture and a cot in the bedroom. It was a typical bachelor's house with clothes scattered everywhere, posters of Liverpool, AC/DC and Sachin adorned the walls, a dusted TV that was not cleaned from the time it was bought.
'You can keep your stuff in the room; let me buy something for us to eat. It's raining heavily and I don't want to take you out or do you want to go out?' He asked.
'No! I am tired. I lay on the bed. Let’s just have some biscuits don't go! Come here!' I sat up and pulled him to sit next to me.
'Are you crazy? You should have dinner!' He said sitting next me. We maintained a considerable amount of distance. I ignored him talking about the dinner.
'I was waiting to reach home! Long day and I thought I will never get a ticket.' I paused and saw him, 'I sat in the last row of the bus god! It was tortuous! but it's worth it!’ I smiled. He was still keenly listening to me.  I immediately realized that I started my nonstop rambling and made the conversation a monologue but still continued that's my speciality, 'I am happy I am here! sitting next to you talking about my experience!' He smiled and a dimple appeared on his cheeks. I wanted to ruffle his hair and hug him tight but just smiled.
'I had a worse experience, When I was in college I travelled to Ranchi from Bhubaneshwar sitting on top of the bus. But that was enjoyable. Me and my friends.. We had lots of fun! It’s tough to get bus tickets during vacation. So it's like you are OK with anything at the moment' He talks as much as I do so it is always compensated. We kept talking and talking when we realized it was 2.30 AM.  I didn't want to go to sleep. Our shoulders brushed each other’s every now and then; he touched my hand while trying to explain something that happened in his college. He had bigger tales to say than mine and I never got bored with it. And then there was a moment of silence we listened to the sound of rain outside.
'So girlfriend... you don't want to sleep?' He asked stroking the hair that had fallen over my cheeks. For the first time in my life I blushed. I loved the way he called me girlfriend. It gave me an entirely different feeling. 'I am feeling very cold!' I smiled and looked away from him.
'Hey come out with me do you want to feel how freezing it is outside?' he jumped off the bed excited. He took my hand and pulled me to the balcony. My cheeks froze and the floor was as cold as ice, I immediately regretted for leaving my slippers in the room. The weather was freezing yet enjoyable. A swift stroke of wind brushed the trees which sprinkled water on our faces.
'God! It's freezing Sidharth!' I said my teeth cluttering and rubbed my palm. I felt his hand around my waist and his chin on my shoulder. My heart skipped a beat, it was not cold anymore!
'Sweet heart! I love you. Will you be with me forever!' he whispered in my ears. I turned to see him. His eyes shined from the light that came from the street lights.
‘I will!' I smiled and the next moment I felt his lips on mine, so soft and gentle. I gasped for breathe and closed my eyes tight; I was able to feel the blood gushing onto my face. My heart beat faster than ever. He held me closer and smiled at me. I hugged him, I never felt so protected in my life. I knew I was in safe hands and life is going to be bright from then!


  1. Aww :">. Just a nice story :).
    Just loved reading it.
    It was warm :).
    The feelings and those moments :) Wow. You have explained them in such a perfect way Di :) :D.

    This is my most favorite post of yours :D :). I know you have a post about Hot Guys :P :D. And as much as I love each and every one of them, this post touched my heart :) :D.

    I have ONE DOUBT though :P ;). Will ask you elsewhere ;) :D

  2. wonderful narration... lovely flow!

  3. lovely lovely lovely gayathri

  4. very nice and expressive... :)

  5. n from that day our Gaa has forgotten her appetite and her company cudnt get her complete concentration :P... U r lucky Gaa... Maaaiiiiiiinnnnnd Blowing :), wishing you both lots of happiness

  6. Great! You kept holding it from us till the very end! It is a cute, well written piece.

  7. Cute story. Seriously cute. Reading it from a perspective of girl made it more enjoyable. Like it :) :)

  8. @Poo - Thanks a lot sweetie!! :) I know what you are going to ask me... Will discuss about it when I come to bangalore.. :P

    @Magiceye - Thank you.. :)

    @Latha - Thanks a lot!!

    @Vineet - Thank you! :)

    Hey Sri... lol naawww... I always stay focussed at work no divertion..!! :D :P Thanks a lot...!! :)

    @Umashankar - That's what made you read it through the end..!! Thanks a lot... :)

    @Prasoon - Thanks a lot!! :)

    @Abhishek - Thank you.. :)

    @Jen - carts of thanks! :)

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  10. @Sree - Thanks a lot! :) I will definitely check your blog.. :) Thanks a lot for your comments and visit..!! I will surely think about have a proper blogging site for me.. :) Thanks a lot again for your comments! :)

  11. Hahaha :D :P.
    Come soon Di :P :D.
    Can't wait to ask ;) :D

  12. Hey Gayathri,
    Thats a heartfelt romance. Gr8 going.
    Keep writing waiting for more.

    Keep blogging cos thats how we r connected . :)

    Your story captivated me to follow your blog.

    Cynthia Vincent

  13. @Poo - lol.. OK my dear super curious li'l sisy... this story is fictious and not connected to my life.. If that's what you wanted to know.. :D :P

  14. @Cynthia - Thanks a ton! Sure I will keep blogging..!! :) Hoping to see more from you too..! :)

  15. Aww! Such a sweet post... I was just imagining the things which were going in sequence... :D Just loved reading it.... The FIRST KISS! hope you enjoyed ! ?? :P :P :D

    PS - I'm waiting for my days to come.. :P lol xD :P :P :D ;)

  16. wow , warm and easy !!!
    superb writing !

  17. vooww..!! such a beautiful post. m lovin it n njoyed reading it :) keep going girl!!


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