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Sunday, 1 April 2012

I Don't Trust You Anymore!

You took away my beau,
You gashed my gusto,
You took him away from me,
Punching a hole in my heart,
I asked you why?
You embraced solace.

I miss him, I want him back!
The never ending moments of craving,
drives me mad forcing me to end my life.
Hell! I don't know what I believe in anymore.
But I know you don't exist,
I only hope for the worst.
And know the best will never come!
If I am a pessimist,
It's because of you.

Down in the dumps,
I loathe my life!
Why should I trust you?
You failed me every single time,
You took away everything that was mine,
They say prayers are always answered,
Hokum never ceases,
I came running to you for everything,
But you let me down,
They didn't know you are stone-hearted!
I don't trust you anymore
I don't know if I ever will.....


  1. Hmmm! I didn't use to trust to.
    But things change..
    They turn to good :).

    Missing someone? What happened?

    BTW nice poem :). Had deep effect on me. Loved the use of words.

  2. @Poo - Thank you!! :*
    No dear... just angry with God for something..

  3. Only HE can be so largehearted that HE listens to all our rants and may be smiles them away...because the sun shines again !

  4. Gaa it doesn't suit you... and after all it doesnt matter what u lose, but look around, you have got the bestest of everything:)... and yeah by saying this I am not asking you trust God, coz i never do

  5. Trust, the only bond between the human beings which can never be broken. Even if people will say that others broke their trust, its just a temporary desperateness. As time will pass, the weakness of bond will fade. And there will exist a bond, stronger one. BTW amazing poem. :)

  6. @Sri - very true... I felt that after posting the poem.. :| but at times you get really irritated with things around you... you just need a way to vent it out..!! And yea I am a believer..! :)

    @Dibya - Thanks a lot.. I love the way you haver explained it!! And it's so true..!! :)

  7. @Indu - Thank you for the visit and the comment.! :)


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