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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

They are always there - Everywhere!

When you are addicted to blogging you feel compelled about posting something everyday. It's like your day becomes incomplete without posting something. I have been blogging for almost a year now and this is the first time I feel this way and it is a funny feeling. I get reminded of the famous funny quote we say in school, "I feel, I feel, I feel... I feel the funny feel I feel, if you feel the feel I feel, I feel the feel you feel.." When I used to blog in my corporate website I used to post a blog or 2 every week and I was contended with that. But then I have seen bloggers posting the kind of blog I have posted now. They say I cannot stop myself from writing something because they are addicted to blogging. And after a year I am being haunted by this blogging ghost which keeps provoking me to write something. Let me take a minute to say those people, “I understand how you felt guys!”
And so I decide to write about my close to my heart friends.
I was a loner until my secondary school since my parents leave to work, it's always me, my home and my thoughts. For some reason, I hated the idea of writing diaries and so I never wrote one till today. But then I loved dancing so I play some music and do some crazy moves. Honestly, I really enjoyed those times. Although I was alone I always wanted a group of people around me and so I have always imagined of a huge gang of friends. And then came along Gayathri my best friend with whom I had a ghostly encounter ( She is my schoolmate and my neighbour. She brought me out, she pulled me wherever she went and after a point of time, life became impossible without her. She protected me like her baby and never let me down. Slowly, I had a group of friends. We were four girls and we did all the naughty things accessible to us. We tried cigarette, beer, watched porn movies, bunked school and went to the movie, picked a crush for each of us. There was a time we thought of forming a music band and so we wrote songs and made tunes. Every weekend we meet up in my house and try our hands on cooking. Sinduja made chapathis that came out in the shape of different continents. Another friend Radha fried paneer and ate all of them before we made the complete recipe, Gayu made tomato juice which tasted worser than beer (yea all of us hated the taste of beer)! We went to college together. Work, boyfriends and marriage separated us, but we never failed to meet once in every month. Me, Gayathri, Sindu and Radha - We call ourselves the “Sex and the city girls” where the girls never left each other for anything or anybody.
Office was hell without my friends, life became monotonous and I was very badly missing my friends when came Lakshmi she was Gayathri part 2 she was ready to do anything for me and was always there for me. We travelled together and again did so many adventures together. She came to me in the most devastating phase of my life and if not for her I would have been in some mental asylum. Then she got married and eventually left the organization. So there I was left alone not for too long though. I reached a position in my team where I was allowed to train the freshers who joined our project (Ah! How much I love training) this is where I met Prasenjit and Deepak. The craziest people I have met so far and that was one common thing we had in us. We didn't need a better reason to be friends! These guys are unique in every single way! If you know fun you will know these guys. If you are sad, these guys can make you laugh your heads off, if you are irritated, they can calm you down with their craziness and I instantly fell in love with both of them. I slowly moved into the circle of these guys and met 4 more crazy people -Komal, Arijith, Anirban and Manoj. Now we are a gang and always look out for each other. I love Komal's smile and she is very cute! We are the girls power of our gang! :D

Apart from them I have 2 long distance best friends -
Kerry - Another crazy guy, but very matured in his thoughts we talk all the time and every time we talk only nonsense but still keep talking. A good companion and friend when you need.
Ish  - a friend who's always been there for me, he knows me and by saying that he just knows.
Friends, a stranger who comes into your life and occupies the major portion of your life. They make you helpless without them; they make you addicted to them... without them you just can't do! Your world ends there... To all my friends who are already there and who will come... love you all and please know I am nothing without you!


  1. haha !
    Nice sweet post at at last(without complaints) :)
    loved it and nicely written...
    it means a lot to everyone.

  2. wow! finally thanks a ton... that comment means a lot to me.. :)

  3. Nicely done. I agree. With best friends the best part is even if you only meet or talk after a month or even 6 months, you can always easily pick up where you left off. There's no awkwardness, no lack of topics, its like it always was!

  4. @Deepa - we will have more topics to talk if we meet after 6 months.. very true...! Thank you for the visit and comment.. :)


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