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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

One love

We said things that hurt each other
I laughed at the fact that I loved you
You begged me to come back
I ignored your pleas,
I tried to move on,
But all I saw was you,
I did not find a hug as protective as yours,
A smile as warm as yours,
Happiness was far out of reach,
Deep down my heart,
said a voice, 'It's him or none!'
And so I came back looking for you
You said you don't love me
I know it is a lie, you never looked into my eyes
Which you did when you said you love me....
Your feeble attempts to hurt me are in vain
You can never hide that tear in your eyes
I wait by your doorstep
With heart full of hopes
truth never falls, lie is not forever
because you are my only love
you are my only world 


  1. such a romantic poem. Loved it.

  2. Beautiful! You write from your heart!

  3. feelings well conveyed...lovely weave.

  4. That was so beautifully written. Lovely use of words to bring out a beautiful emotion.

  5. True love speaks even when you don't utter a single word. Love these lines:
    "I wait by your doorstep
    With heart full of hopes"

  6. why would he do that? silly guy!

    loved the flow and lilt!

  7. Thank you Sumukh :)
    @Deepa - Thanks a ton! :)
    @Raj - carts and carts of thanks! :) I like your short stories a lot. :)
    @Saru - Thank you... I love your poems they convey deepest meaning.. :)
    @magiceye - I know.. but he does..! :D Thanks a lot for the visit and comment..

  8. This is so awesome :).
    Heartfelt :D :). Too good jhi :D.

    Your New Follower and Fan :D :).
    Hats Off :)

  9. very beautiful indeed, Gayathri!

  10. @Poo - wow!! Thanks a lot for honoring me by being my fan and follower!! :) muah.. :D

    @Amit - Thank you ji.. thanks a lot! :)


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