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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Go through it to come out of it!

I am sitting here in my room reading a book, a book I have in my collection for a long time yet afraid to read. I bought a copy first and I started crying in the 2nd chapter so I gifted it to my friend who was dying to read that novel but was too lazy to get her ass to a bookshop and buy it or even order it online. After 2 months, I bought another copy and started crying in the 7th chapter but that was an improvement I had gone 5 chapters ahead. I put the book in a place where I cannot see it so I don't have to cry after reading another chapter. I already had enough reasons to cry then and also I hate to cry, I am sure all of us do. But the book did not leave me it was chasing me wherever I went or maybe I was hallucinating; they played the movie derived from the book I watched it and I cried and cried so badly that my whole day was spoilt! My friends started laughing at me after knowing why my mood was spoilt. OK, I hear you! The name of the book is, "P.S. I love you" although a part of me hated to read the book another silent part of me wanted to read it, always!
So here I am reading the book after almost 4 years! Yes, after 4 years of buying that book I gathered courage to read it and guess what? I cried! :/ (Don't tell my friends!) But I finished reading the book successfully. I had the courage to read one chapter after another and from that I understood that I have moved over from my past. I liked the message conveyed, do not stick to your past it could be a lost love or a friend, a relationship totally hampered, a lost job or a destroyed dream let it go, everything is for better and what goes in comes around. Precisely, the author asks us to move on in life.
I have a friend who says, 'Let it be' for everything. You go to him and say, 'my day is spoilt and I am very frustrated' he says, 'let it be', you say, 'come on! I am expecting you to console me and you are saying let it be. What are you?' to which he says, 'Frustration is a state that you are in right now, you will eventually get through it after a point of time. I can console you and I am going to, that's why I am here with you for a cuppa. But after we go back to our seats and when you are alone you will still be frustrated may be less frustrated. I know you will feel better but you will still have the traces of frustration. You will have to give time for that state to pass you which you can do only by undergoing it. It's like few drops of coffee still remains in this cup even after you finish drinking it, there is still some coffee left over and it will be in the cup till you wash it. So the remains of frustration will still be there. Do you even hear what I am telling you?' and I laugh. He would say, 'Forget it! Bring it on, let’s hear it!' and I finish my ranting (I am totally good at it!) and end of it I will feel better but as he said I would still feel bad when I am alone.  He is a great fan of Osho and Osho talks about the theory he explained me in one of his books not that I am a fan of Osho but I like few of his preaching. (I will give my friend the credit for the coffee example, he’s also a coffee fan. He makes superb coffee! *drool* and I am also a coffee fan! Irrelevant! I know, still just in case we happen to meet in future you know where to take me and what to buy me. :P CCD - Mocha or Barista – International Mocha)
The same has been explained in P.S. I love you in a different way! At least, that’s how I saw it. I don’t cry while reading a book by Osho (infact there were times I had laughed my heads off that man has a great sense of humour) but I did when I read P.S. I love you. Every emotion you undergo in life is just another phase like your childhood, preteen, early adult etc… you have to go through it to get over it, you cannot leave it and jump to another phase, after all it’s not a movie! You are sad you want to cry lock yourself up in a room and cry all you want, you are angry take a paper and write it down or if it is a close friend call them up and cuss at them, who else would understand you better than them? Never say this will be the first and last time I will be in love with someone, you will eventually learn you can never keep it up! Love can happen multiple times, trust me, nothing wrong! You will get over your break up one day but how soon? I will leave that to you to decide! But remember, the person who left you will not come back. Stop waiting and move on. Never have false hopes, never try when it’s over. You always know that it’s over when it’s over, it’s your heart that keeps blathering things like I still have hopes that he/she will come back, your mind – the logical you, knows the truth! If you are missing him, let it be! If you want to cry, cry! If you want to talk to him write a letter to him and tear it off. Don’t ever try to contact that person again, if he misses you the way you do he will definitely come back.
Life is short, let’s enjoy it by not carrying that extra baggage of grudges, regrets, false hopes, sorrow and lost love. Let these things go and happiness will come your way. Live it simple, live it happily coz life is a one way journey, no matter how badly you wanted to go back you cannot! So do not waste the moment you have in hand by thinking of things that got over long back. You have a long way ahead of you where you will meet people who deserve you and your love save it for them. Don't slog!
And at this point of time, I would like to suggest you to read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert it’s a lovely book that will change your life and the way you look at it. If you have already watched the movie let it be buy a book and read it! The movie is the shorter version of the book and you don’t know what you have missed so BUY THE BOOK!
I would like to end this blog with my favourite lines from Stopping by woods on a snowy evening by Robert frost –
The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep..

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to g

And miles to go before I


  1. hmmm you are back on your typical track !
    Better change your blog name as DIARY of GAYU :)
    as usual it gives a feel while reading, you have got that stuff to make the readers feel :)
    Miles to go sister :)

  2. hahah Thanks... but this is not a diary of mine.. I hate to write diaries and these are thoughts that come to my mind when I read a book or watch a movie..!! I try to blend it with my experience and put it here so it might help few people.. I don't know.. :) Thanks again! :)

  3. Luvly Read. Nicely written. I lvd reading 'Eat, Pray Love' - Elizabeth Gilbert

  4. Awesome post Jhi :D :).
    Love the movie and the book ;) :D.
    I have to read Eat Pray Love :D :).
    Love the way you write :D.

  5. @Poo - Thanks a ton dear... :) I am not sure if you would like eat, pray, love for your age.. you can still give it a try.. :) Thank you for the visit and comment keep coming.. :)

  6. Nice post Gayathri :)
    even i had major lumps in my throat after reading PS I love you. and that was 2 years back. i was really glad i found that book because i was nearly close to manic rage after reading Twilight :P *sorry if you are a twilight fan * :P :P
    Eat, pray, love? sure. my brother already got that for me. cant wait to get my hands on it though :P will read and tell you how i like it :)
    and nice friend you have got. i have a similar friend too, one who finds the bright side of everything. so optimistic that it makes me forget my anger :)
    and sure, when we meet, we are going to CCD, its your treat though!
    and about break up, though i have no experience, i feel what you say is right- getting cooped up with self pity and thoughts like'my life sucks' wont help would it?
    and this is one of my favorite Frost. i simply love this poem :)

    PS:can you take away the word verification please??

  7. No way! I hate twilight more than anything else in this world.. I cannot tolerate Christine Stewart standing like a doll for 2 hours!Sure let's go to CCD and ok the treat is definitely on me! :) yea you should move on in life what is the use of being stuck to something that's over .. :) worthless... and do read Eat, pray, love life changing novel it is.. I love all poems by robert frost.. :) this poem is close to my heart.. :)
    And about the verification.. I didn't know it was coming for my readers.. I will check and remove it.. I know how annoying it is..! :)Thank you for reading my blog and commenting on it.. I simply loved your blog.. :)

  8. I have not read the book but yes have watch the movie. Though I was forced to watch the movie but I loved it.

    P.S. Your blogposts are awesome. Simply Awesum :) :)

  9. Hey Prasoon!! Thanks a lot... :) That made me feel toooo good..!! Thank you for visiting my blog and visit often..! :)


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