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Friday, 23 March 2012


When you left me,
You took my soul away.
Roaming around the streets,
I found no way to retreat,
Boundless reasons to cry,
Endless moments in solace,
Hope was nowhere to be found.
Dying is not a brave thing,
What will I do in a world without you?
where will I find a person like you?

Out in the rain,
I stand in pain,
Holding your ring,
I will never leave you,
I heard you whisper,
but why did you leave me?
I whispered to air,
I knelt down,
Memories washed me away,
As my dreams faded,
I vanished into thin air,
I saw a body lying on the wet floor,
holding the ring tight!


  1. first i wondered what is it all about.. unrequited love....breakup... then as the words folded...i realized its many things.....nice !!

  2. Straight drive again..
    loved and felt it :)

  3. Painful and the agony is worded perfectly in these lines,

    "Out in the rain
    I stand in pain"

    Beautiful expression!

  4. oh this was so beautiful and touching...very well written gaythri:) alka narula

  5. @Shooting Star - Thank you for the visit! :)

  6. @Dee - I was wondering who soul was and from the straight dive comment made out its you.. Thank you!

  7. @Saru - Thanks a lot.. something like this from a great poetess like you makes me feel good..!! :) Thank you for the visit..! :)

  8. "you took my soul away" i could so feel it Gayathri. you said such a lot in so simple words :)
    awesome :)

  9. WOW is all I can say Di :).

    Just loved it :)

  10. @Kirti - Thank you Kirti..!! :)

  11. @Poo - Thanks a lot poo.. :D

  12. Hats off.....!
    only word i can say after reading it. :)


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