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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Are you there God?

The lord works in the most mysterious ways is a saying, but sometimes he is either too late or never work is my opinion.
Supernatural is my most favourite show. I am a diehard fan of Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester). In this particular show he is an atheist. When he resurrects from death, an angel appears in front of him and confesses about bringing him back from hell. The title of one of the episodes is 'Are you there God? It's me, Dean Winchester'. I fell so much in love with this title(I fall in love with anything Dean does heheh) that I kept saying this all the time and my mother who got totally irritated said, 'One more time you say that, I will make sure you don't get your dinner!' Dinner is more important, I kept quiet. But then the title conveys so much meaning. When the angel appears in front of him and says there is God, Dean confronts the angel. If there is GOD, why is your God not saving the people dying out there we are ripping each other apart to make a living. I almost got killed sometime back what was your God doing then? To which the angel says, 'The lord works in the most mysterious ways'. and my hero says, 'I will kick your ass!'
Yesterday there was one such situation when if someone had defended God I would have kicked them right on their ass! I live in a beautiful locality all the streets surrounded by trees and every street has a music or dance class going on in the evening, walking down these streets is a pleasure in itself. Every evening my mother and I go for a long walk munching some corn or peanuts. Yesterday, we saw few men and women digging the roads to lay cables. In a distance there was a little baby crying holding the gate of an apartment. My mother ran to pick the baby and shouted whose baby it was. We were sure it belonged to one of the ladies who were digging the road. After minutes, a woman answered, 'It is the baby of this lady' she showed her peer, 'I told her several times to go and take care of the baby but she fought with her husband and is not looking after the baby' My irritation crossed its saturation point I went to my mom picked the baby and started walking. Finally, the mother came running behind me and asked me to give the baby back. I told her if she cannot take care of the baby I can put it in some orphanage and take care of it very well. I can give the baby a better life and not let it stand by the gates of some apartment and let it cry of hunger. She apologized and begged me to give her back the baby. I bought a milk can for the baby made sure she drank it and left the place.
Now, I don't understand something. The baby doesn't deserve this, no matter what it did in it's rotten past birth she doesn't deserve to die of hunger or have illiterate parents like this. The woman should not have gotten married at all in first place! I am sure she doesn't have money to feed herself let alone the baby. When my mother and I saw the baby cry we were not able to control the tears that came from our eyes. Everybody in the apartment came out after sometime and was yelling in every possible direction to find her mother.
So now I ask, 'Are you there God?'  If you are, stop putting little innocent ones in such state, they don't deserve whatever they are undergoing. They should have a better life. You can always punish the politicians who are not worth a penny! But you let them have all the money and fun! Is this why they say you work in mysterious ways? Let innocent people die and the corrupted enjoy life in money! Funny..!!
P.S – If you have not heard of Jensen Ackles or Supernatural please search it on google… or don’t either way I am fine! This is him..  :D yum! :P


  1. OH my GOD:)
    Am not a believer of him but i must say you are pressurizing him to the core:)

  2. Everything depends on beliefs...Anyway good post.Thanks for sharing

    village girl

  3. Dee - I am not pressurizing I am looking for answers.. :) He is supposed to answer a believer..!! :/

  4. @Roopz - Thank you for the visit and comment.. :)

  5. I think its all Karma. If you do bad then it will haunt you, if not today tomorrow, if not tomorrow then next life.
    I believe that there is God and he helps, I have had many such experiences. It all depends on your faith and belief.
    Good post though.

  6. @DS - Thank you for the visit... I am not an atheist but I have questions that needs clarification.. badly!! :) I don't believe in Karma or next life.. you want to punish, punish now!! That's wiser... :) I atleast know why I am being punished.! thank you for the comment..! :)

  7. OMG! sorry Gayathri but the first thing i saw in your post was this hotttt dude :P OMG!!! i think i should watch TV more :P
    Coming to the post itself, i agree it was none of the baby's fault that its being brought up in such a pathetic manner. And i dont think it is something related to past birth or something. My grandmother used to say we get the result of what we do in the same birth itself... its just that fate messes up lives in cruel, cruel ways sometimes. and this reality of that baby is I think the story of half the kids in India :(
    And about God... Its all a matter of faith. I have faith and thats what helps me to walk. :)
    I think you would like this song-
    It gives me hope every time :)

  8. Jensennnnnnnn :D :D <3
    *faints* :D :D.
    Gosh! Hotness :">
    Dii you are NOT supposed to make me glue my eyes to the computer x-( :P.

    Now coming to the post. Yeah Di I read it :P. I controlled myself long enough to read it :P :P.

    Anyways, it happens every day doesnt it? Don't know why :(. I so agree with your point saying that God gives everything for those corrupt politicians :| Huh!! Poor little baby. I have seen such incidents many a times :( but what I do? :O The mother wont let us take the baby nor is she ready to look after it :|. Gosh!!

    Hmm! Now coming back to JENSEN :D. You saw yesterday's episode? ;). Both were lookin damn HOT :D :D :P.
    *drools* :D :D :P :P.
    BTW I like that Phrase :D. Are you there God? It's me, Dean Winchester.
    I want to say, ARE YOU THERE DEAN? IT's ME, YOUR .... :P. Lets keep that blank for now :P ;) :D :P.

  9. We see such incidents in our everyday lives but don't make any effort from our side but still act like a saint or act like we care without doing anything about it. So I applaud you and your mother for what you did. :)You have my respect. :)

    PS: I don't believe in god nor watch Supernatural and I certainly don't know who that guy is. :P:P

  10. For those who understand or lets say believe in the transcendence of the soul, this is not a difficult concept to grasp. The material/financial disparity between human beings is a manmade problem. Before there was the concept of money and the concept of ownership of property, this problem was not there. It is our greed and our arrogance that has led us to believe that mother earth and property can be bought and sold with paper that we have designated as currency. Well, if mother earth has a price, I think it is only fair that she dictates that human beings also come with a price - that of living in disparity with each other.

    Very nice post, Gayatri. Keep writing.

  11. Hi Gayatri

    Very Nice post....Feels good that not everyone ignores things they see on the road like babies crying! But the answers to your questions are very serious and some very enlightened souls alone can answer...But as humans we can definitely try to change things with acts like yours I suppose...Keep up the good work and the good writing :)

  12. @Kirti - hahaha I am OK with you drooling over Jensen everybody does..!! :D Welcome to the Dean Winchester fans club.. :P I do trust in God and without him I don't think I am here today, but he should also take care of poor babies like this... :( It's very unfair to treat them this way.. ! Thank you for the visit and comment..! The song is good.. :) And when I lose hope I read Eat, pray, love or few quotes from The secret ooorrr... talk to a friend who is filled with optimism.. :P

  13. @Poo - Hey dear... :) It's OK, di just wanted to give a little treat to her cute little sisy... :D stay glued! yea.. but I was so urged to call the child helpline and ask them to take the baby away... but didn't want to separate the baby from her mother... :)
    Coming back to Jensen, I so fail to notice Sammy when Jensen's around.. :D He's alwayssss hot..!! I like him when he controls Sammy and acts like a big brother... I liked Sammy in the episode Dean died... he cried like a baby... :( I felt bad..!! :P and when he gets irritated when Sammy doesn't get him pie and does something to his car. In the episode where he dies he says Ruby, 'I wish you shut that pie hole coz nobody gets what we want' wwwwoooowww poo hes awesome..! :D Naawww...!! You have Ian ... Dean ko mere liya chod dhona.. :P

  14. @Akshay - Thanks a lot for the comment and I am honored! Guys don't watch supernatural..jealousy bites..(kidding) :D and about your belief in God, good for you... :)

  15. @Subhrop - I loved the explanation and find it agreeable... :) Thank you for the visit and comment..!! Keep coming.. :)

  16. @Jaish - Thanks a lot, sure I will continue.. Thank you for the comment and visit... :) Please do visit often.. :)

  17. maybe god ensured the survival of the baby and taught the mother a lesson through you! :)

  18. Absolutely irrelevant to the topic, as I do not question such things... I feel it is a waste of time questioning god's existence, just choose something and go on ( I personally chose exists, makes life a lot easier) .......... DAFUQ did you get this template and font?!!!

  19. Gayathri, this is though thought provoking, but the answer lies in that the inequalities and greed of fellow humans has created this and not god! God also created so many prosperous nations where people do not die for lack of food but due obesity:)

  20. @Rohan - What is irrelevant to the topic you asking about the font or me talking about Dean Winchester?? if it's the latter, I know it's irrelevant still I chose to write it.. :) I am a believer too..

  21. @Magiceye - that was an optimistic taught!! :) Never thought of that...

  22. @Rahul - Thank you for that..! :) Then God is biased.. yes I agree that to an extent, but we did not choose to be poor did we??

  23. first of all hi5 for being a fan of Dean Winchester. I love this guy. Anyway to answer your question, God exists...and I believe that he knows everything that has happened, is happening and will happen. sheesh he knew you and me, our whole biodata BEFORE we were even conceived in our mothers womb. We do not for what purpose he has let the Baby belong to this particular mother and most of all just because he knows everything about our past present and future doesn't mean he doesn't let us make our choices. if the mother decides not to care for the baby it is only because SHE decided not to. I mean I wouldn't care for a person who doesn't let me make my own choices in life. eve if they are wrong. Hope you wont kick my ass... :D

  24. Hehehe :P Agree with you :P. But whenever ONLY sammy is there, I will see him na ;) :D :P.
    Hahaha :P Yeah! Sammy is cute ;).

    Aww :"> Otey :P. Dean is yours onlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D :D. Happy? :P

  25. @Poo - Very happy... but sammy is tooo grumpy :P But Dean is perfectooo... mmm... yummyy..!! LOL.. :D he was very hot in yesterday's episode.. :P Thank you sweet heart for giving my Dean to me..!! :P :D


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