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Tuesday, 27 March 2012


I have always heard people say, "Happiness is not going to come to me again" but have they ever realised that it is them who is staying away from it? Happiness is a state of mind, just like sadness, anxiety and other emotions. But when expectations come in and you start expecting things from someone who is not ready to give you what you expect, happiness starts moving away from you.
I learnt this in a very hard way. Once I fought with my very best friend because he was not staying in touch with me and was not calling me everyday. He said, 'Why do you want me to call you everyday?' I said, 'You used to', to which he said, 'well, it's my mistake then I made you expect my call everyday. So I am going to end it. Don't expect my calls everyday and you will feel much better! Infact never expect anything from anybody in life. It will make your life easier.' I don't know what got into him that day but he taught me a lesson. Do not expect! Well, yes! That was rude but what's said is said and message received. I stopped expecting his calls everyday, infact I never called him till he called me. It was difficult in the beginning but later I got used to it. Infact after this I never expected much from anybody. My life became easier.
I am that kind of person who will worry for everything, I worry about things that are over and I worry about the things that are not under my control. If I have nothing to worry I start worrying about the apocalypse or why my friend fought with her boyfriend. One day my friend asked me, 'Gayu, tell me what makes you really happy? Like, it makes you jump in joy and you feel so ecstatic!' I thought and I thought real hard and finally shrugged. I told him that I don't know the last time I was really happy and to my own surprise I said I don’t know what makes me happy. He said, 'You know what? You think a lot! Don't do that. Don't think so much that it ruins your present and happiness! And when you think you think only about the bad things that happened to you, that's why you are not able to be happy... stop thinking so much! Stop waiting for things to happen in your life'
Actually it was true! Our mind, it needs something to think about all the time. It cannot rest, so if you don't give it something healthy to think of, it thinks of all the stupid things in the world. Mostly it thinks of the memories that hurt you and will keep haunting you for a lifetime. I am really thankful to have friends like him they make you understand life. They tell you a very simple funda that helps you lead a better life! I slowly controlled my mind everytime it tries to think a lot or something I don't want to think about. I read a book or start chatting with some friend of mine to keep myself engaged. And now I have so many reasons to be happy - Jensen, Supernatural, The Big bang theory, Dexter, The annoying orange, Jeffrey archer, John Grisham, Preeti Shenoy blogs, the beach, gym, dance, weekend with friends, monthly trips with them, I blog, I write, AC/DC, MLTR,... the list keeps extending. I find happiness in everything I do! Even the very little things I do, makes me happy.
And so I started spreading the message, stop thinking and let life throw all the surprise on you! Wait for the surprise to hit you, until then wait and enjoy the things that come your way. You should Lead a happy life, pay attention to the happiness you have been ignoring all these days and it will pamper you. :)
I dedicate this  50th blog of mine to that someone who made me happy by saying those 3 magical words that changed my life. Happiness flourished, I smiled for nothing, I laughed at his silly jokes, I admired his non-stop talks. I have admired his dedication and responsibility as a first son and have always tried to learn things from him. He always says "There is a kid within everybody, within you, within me.. the moment you let it die you die!" Someone I impressed by being myself, someone who appreciated me for what I am and what I will be! Piyush - A man I will always admire, love and look upto.


  1. Firstly congratulations on your 50th post Dii ;) :D. Now aiming for the Century haan? :D :D.

    BTW this is an awesome post :).
    You know my brother always taught me NOT TO EXPECT from others :D :). Just love him for it :D :). And it makes me really happy when they do something. ANYTHING cause I wouldn't have expected and it comes as a surprise and it makes me smile :D :D :).
    Such a sweet way to live life na? ;)

    I must almost the SAME THINGS make me happy :D :D. And again the LIST goes on and on :P :D.

    I'm really happy that you got such good friends dii :D. Such nice lessons they taught you ;) :D.

    I wish the God gives you lots and lots of Happiness ;) :D. And in that Happiness you get me Ice Creams :P :P Not expecting just saying :P :P :D.

  2. Good post..Well written.
    And congrats for your 50th post. :)

  3. So true,
    expectations do divert us and in a way we no longer know what's happening!
    Congo for the 50th post!
    Waiting for a lot more!:)

  4. Congrats on your half century. Commenting more to drop a link really. I so agree with the concept of finding happiness is everything one does, and counting one's blessings rather than complaining about one's circumstances. Very nicely expressed. I wrote something similar some time back that I thought you and your readers may benefit from. It is a post called Stop Searching for Happiness

  5. @Poo - Thanks a lot sweetie!! Sure I will get you ice creams.. when we meet in bangalore.. :)

  6. @Kinara - Thanks a lot for the visit! :)

  7. @Subhrop - Thank you for the post! and for sharing the link.. I read it and it was indeed very useful!! Thank you for the visit! :)


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