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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

10 Hot Men.

I am writing this post following the challenge given to me on Indiblogger forum. Poo challenged me to write a list of top 10 hot men. Before starting, I would like to put a disclaimer that this is purely from my perception and so no arguing. I am not responsible if your CPU bursts off due to overheat issues!! :P
In no particular order the top 10 handsome men in my eyes :P
Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) - WOW!! Yummy!! :P My favourite hero from my favourite show Supernatural. When I first saw him I was like, 'ummm, he's not so good!' but as days went by I fell so much in love with him. Awww.... such good physic, such good acting, his lips are sooo good and his eyes are that mesmerizing!! Drooollll!! I love it when he says, 'You do something to my car! You are so dead!', 'Dude? Where's the pie?', A girl invites him on a date and says Sammy that he’s welcome too. Dean immediately says, 'You are not welcome' as soon as she leaves. I like everything about him everything he says...!! My Dean Winchester is always on top of the list!
Jared Padelecki (Sam Winchester)- I love him from the house of wax! He's just so tall.. I always have a thing for tall guys, straight hair, sober look… He's is tooooooo good!! When I saw him in Supernatural I was like 2 hot men in one show.. aaawwwww...!! The only reason why the show runs is because of these guys. Jared is 6 feet 4 inches tall! :D Sammy..!! :P

Ian Somerhalder - The hottie vampire from The vampire diaries. His eyes can speak for him and there cannot be a better reason for girls to fall for him. He is hot and tooo good! I will let Poo do the rest of the talking.. :D

Robert Pattinson - The twilight hottie! If all vampires are as hot as him, I don't mind getting bitten.. :D and tall, I love his smile! But he deserves a better girl not that boring doll Kristine! :P Ed go for a better choice vampy!!

Sam Worthington - When I first saw him in avatar I was like :O why did they mask such a handsome man behind that big blue creature with tail and everything! unfair!!

Christiano Ronaldo - :O :P .........................  he is the best!! Sexy football player... :D

Ranbir Kapoor - The bollywood heart throbe... When I first I saw him in Saawariya. My mother and I were drooling together and then we started a Ranbir fans club.. we cursed Deepika for leaving such a sweet heart.. It's OK Ranbir mein hoon naa... :P

Virat Kohli - Oh he's my sweetheart! I love his eyes and I love him in the fastrack ad..!! He's becoming a monster cricketer of the team now!!! Good job man!

Tom Cruise - He's old still he IS the hottest and the most handsome man.. there can be Brad pitt or Johny Depp after him but he is he!! Muah you old evergreen hottie!
Jason Stathom - Look at him without shirt and faint!! The transporter always transports me to a totally different world where it's just me and him! :D

Vikas Khanna - Oh the most handsome chef I have ever seen. I saw a recent interview by him in the achiever's club and I totally fell in love with him. Vikas is a cute momma boy who became a heart  stealing MasterChef the hard way... love him!
This is bonus -
Ranveer Singh - I really liked him when I saw him in the ainvayi ainvayi song he reminded me of someone who’s very close to my heart :P, I watched Band Baaja Baarat just for him. I love him, he's got a subtle smile and the silky straight hair makes me feel that I should just ruffle it! :D

And finally Ani's cute baby Rudransh (Rudra) he's chooooo cute!!! I am sure he will steal millions of heart..! :)
P.S - I never expected that I would write a blog like this. It is a different experience. Thanks to Poo for making me drool in public.. :D


  1. What happened to your previous template!!!! I loved it :) This one's nice too though! Going through the post now.

  2. @Deepa - I was getting bored with it..! :| Was looking for something simple and got this! :P

  3. you have some of my favs here.Ranbir kapoor and Tom cruise :P thanks for adding Dean Winchester to my list!!

  4. who does not like Jason Stathom
    Anyways Its nice to see you completed your challenge !!!

  5. In this list I am all for Ian ... my other 3 would HAVE to be George Cloony, Pierce Brosnan and Simon Cowell.

  6. Rudra is already a hero :)
    Thanks Gayathri :)

  7. The last one is the hero...the cherry on the cake, the Harry of the wizards, the SRK of all actors, the Brad Pitt of awesome acting....
    Speaking metaphorically of course

  8. Yummmyyyyyyy Post :D :D. Couldn't take my eyes off each and every one of them :D :D. HOTNESS :"> :D.
    I knew the First 4 perfectly in the same order :P.
    DEAN <3 Is like this HOT GOD :D it actually is something else but I'm not supposed to use the word you see :P :P.
    And SAMMY :D Hayeee <3 :D That guy is like so cute :D. Dean is handsome and awesome but sammy is the cute one :D.
    And IAN :D aah well :D He is my LOVE <3 :D :*. Nice for you to leave it to me :P :P :P.
    Rob :D Can't say much about him ;) Just loved him as Cedric :D :D. But when it is vampires it is always IAN for me :D ;).
    Gotto agree with Sam :D. He is Hot and Handsome ;) :D :D.
    No words about Christiano :D that guy is like super duper hot :D. Awww!! Hehehe :D.
    Hmm! Ranbir :P. Thats the only movie I drooled over him :P. I didnt like him much in rockstar :( :P. Emo look doesnt suit him.
    VIRAT :D :D Aila my sweetheart :P :P. The only reason I used to watch cricket ;P :P. My bro hates Virat to core just cause I love him :P :D :D.
    And about TOM :D no words ;). That day I told you na ;D. He is HOT ;) :D. BRAD also agree ;P. You missed my other sweetie Matt Bomer :P :D.
    Never mind :D he will be always in MY LIST :P :P.
    I havent seen any John's movie :( sob sob. Gotto watch ;D ;) :D.
    Vikas... :P Aah! He is the reason out HOT GUYS topic came out :D. Just love him for that ;) :P. Cutie he is :D.
    I gotto agree with EVERY WORD of you on Ranveer :D.

    And awesome of you to add sweetie pie Rudra's pic here :D. The sweetest of all :) :*. The lil sweetheart :).

    This is an awesome post :D. Hence I gave BIG descriptions ;) :P.
    I swear to god if any girl steals any of these guys of MINE I'll hold you responsible :P :P :D :D :P.

    Kirti and Kajal have taken my heroes :(. You wait :P :P.

  9. Awwww Rudransh is so CUTE!!!!
    *hugs* :)
    @Pooja LOL :P wish someone would have given me a challenge like this though :P

  10. Rudransh is going to love all these comments when he grows up. Already popular and he is just 2 months old :)
    Thanks frnz and a big big thanks to you Gayathri :)

  11. I couldn't avoid redirecting to this page when the post showed up on my dashboard. Gayu all the guys are droll worthy; Ian and Dean are just to die for stuff. :P
    The only one I would not add in my list is Ranveer Singh, don't get upset but he is just eww... for me. ;)

  12. @Kirti - The pleasure's mine! Let's start a Dean Fan's club.. aww... How much I love him! :P

  13. Thanks Rahul.. of course Jason!! O-O
    @Kajal - Sorry ji... will add them the next time! Thank you for the visit! :)

  14. @Nitin - He's my favourite... grrrrrrrrrrrr........ :/

  15. @Poo - Oh God... dear you are an enthu ball!! My friends call me that but what will they say if they see you!! :D I did not add Matt because I have not seen much of his shows.. :| Sorry will make it up next time for my chuweet li'l sisy.. :)

  16. @Lioness - hahahaah that's OK he's my personal favourite.. :P and Dean OMG I will die for him.. Oh I love him.. he lures me ... such hotness... phewww... lucky wife!! :P

  17. Hehehe :D Enthu Ball :O :P.
    They'll get heart attack if they see me :P :P.
    Hehe :D Arrey I have seen him for most of 15 mins I think :P. That is NOT counting the number of times I put the scene back again :P :P.
    I was just kidding :P :P. I na :P uff! That guy is super hot :P in the movie :P. I will just get the scene cut and show it to you ;) :D :P.
    And once again LIONESS is also stealing my Guy :( :( uwann Didiiiiiiii :P x-( :P.
    I have to ban people from talking about my future husband in such a way :| :P.!

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