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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Way to Go Girls!

Today I read an article in The Hindu that spoke about the girls raising their demands on what they expect from a bridegroom. The most important part of it is the educational background and the salary. I felt pride after reading the article. The amount of privilege we have gained over years, the struggle and the pain that we underwent is finally on the verge to come to an end.
The article said the boys are OK to bend a few expectations on their partners just so they don't remain unmarried for years to come. While women are not ready to compromise, they think they deserve better and are stubborn about it. Yea girls! We are in demand now! Due to all those killing of girl babies, the percentage of women in India has reduced drastically putting men in jeopardy. Maybe, that's why many decided to turn gay. ;)
As a matter of fact most of the women are equally highly qualified as men, professionally skillful and hold responsible positions in the corporate world. They are everywhere from a pilot to a multi-talented home maker they rock the world!
Women who were once treated inferior to men then became equal and now they have gone a step ahead and demand what they want. Men on the other hand have become extremely understanding and have learnt to respect their feelings. This is a great improvement. I see a better future and a better world for women.
It's our time now! It's OK boys, let's hope that history will repeat itself and you will get your turn again! And now I take a moment to those men who respect, support and understand the women in their life. You guys are simply great and you do deserve a day to celebrate! :D BTW, if you didn’t know it’s celebrated on 19th of November.


  1. I love it......

    When it comes to fight between guys and girls..... I am always in....

    Cause its always guys who need a fight to show up......

    If its a peace treaty.....Its always welcome...

  2. hahaha... thanks Diya... I hate arguments and so I don't do well with that part.. it bores me and I have always believed that argument cannot take you anywhere! So this is just a moment to be proud of our growth :) Thanks a lot for the visit.. keep coming..!


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