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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Coincidential Ghost!

It was the evening before our annual physics examination and I was at my best friend's house to revise the subject. We were in class 8 then and since we lived in the neighbourhood we always studied together infact did almost everything together. We were that close that our names were the same too! The terrace of her house in the 5th floor had always been our haven. It was a warm evening, a nice and pleasant breeze kept the weather soothing. We always loved talking, no matter how tough the subject was or the type of exam we talk for hours and hours. We always loved stories and so sometimes we would make up stories to make the conversation interesting but most of the time it was real life or school gossips. And since it was pre-teen we gossiped about who's crush was whom or who proposed whom, about our own crushes. However we had one topic that was our all time favorite and injected adrenalin everytime we spoke about it – Horror movies. Say Ghost, Demon, Devil, evil spirits, graveyard, and graves we will be nailed to our seats and will not leave until you tell us one nice horrifying incident. We have even looked for ways to communicate with ghosts but utterly failed. As I read the 3 laws of Newton I yawned and looked up once from my book to see that darkness has filled the wide space. A mango tree resembled a monster with 3 heads. I saw my friend and the book was slowly engulfing her. I touched her and she looked up.
'That Mango tree, doesn't it resemble something evil?' I asked still looking at the mango tree. She sheepishly smiled at me and both us understood what was in each other's mind.
'I saw Omen yesterday..' said my friend immediately.
'Without me! Why?' I asked angrily.
'I called you but no one picked the phone..' she shrugged.
'OK, narrate me the story NOW!' I demanded closing the physics book and throwing it aside.
'Yea! Before that let me switch off the lights to give the effect!' She said eagerly and ran to switch off the light. We turned and sat facing each other.
When she was telling me how the nanny of Damien hung herself for him we heard footsteps. She stopped narrating and we looked at each other with mixed emotion of fear and eagerness. What if it's a ghost! 
'Hi!!' came our classmate Rajini much to our disappointment.
'Hi!' Both of us said in unison.
'I came to take few notes that I missed during class. Do you have the classwork?' she asked. We gave her our torn classwork to copy the notes.
'Why are you taking notes in the last minute?' I asked irritated for interrupting an interesting story.
'What are you girls doing with lights off?' She asked ignoring my question.
I thought that was the right time to pull her into the story listening session and so I quickly said, 'Gayu was telling me the story of Omen...  we turned off the light to get the effect.'
She was quiet for a while and her eyes lit, 'OK! The story of a boy who had triple 6 in his head?' she put three 6 in air.
'Exactly! That one...' I snapped.
'Hey I know the story... you have to be careful while talking about ghosts in open space they might get attracted to you because you are talking about them!'
'oh.. then let's go down...' gayu said and she looked afraid.
'But how do we know there are ghosts here?' I asked curiously and told her, 'You wanted to see ghosts right? then why are you afraid now? and how do we know that they are here anyway! We cannot see them...'
'You don't know but they do!' Said Rajini interrupting my great "don't be afraid" speech! Actually I was trying to console myself.
'There will be heavy wind and the trees move fast.... you here noises and the weather gets cold...lights flicker.. and by the way... ghosts are different from spirits...' she said like she's seen them before.
'You can see ghosts but not can feel them though... they tell you that they are always around...right?' My friend asked our expert in evil.
'yea!' She nodded confidently. We were sitting on each other's lap by then.
'Oh!' I looked them. Wind swiftly blew past my face. I went pale.
'Did you feel it?' I asked.
'I did' said both of them and smiled weakly.
'Is it here?' And to add up to our fear the mango tree shook vigorously like someone was pulling it from all directions.  Within seconds it started drizzling.
'It's drizzling in April?' I asked confused wiping the water off my face yet none of us moved an inch. We were stuck in fear. After some time we heard loud thuds from the stairwell. Someone was climbing up the stairs but from where is the banging noise coming from! With every progressing minute it came nearer and nearer. The light was switched on and then it went off.. which kept happening for sometime. We clenched each other’s hands tightly and was scared to death. We closed our eyes tightly to feel protected. When.....
'Akka... Can I play here?' asked Vasudha a 5 year old kid with a bat in her hand. The moment we saw each other we laughed our heads off!
‘But did you notice? It has stopped drizzling!’ Gayu said after sometime. We looked at each other in horror.


  1. love the flow of your writing.. I am glad that there is someone whose face lights up on hearing the word GHOST :)

  2. Thanks a lot Haritha! That's really motivating!! I watch all the horror movies.. love haunted places.. wanted to see people who are possessed... yea.. that's me..! I am obsessed about ghosts.. :D

  3. As frightening as they can be, ghost stories are by far the most entertaining one's. Somehow everyone seems deeply engrossed. Your post reminded me of many such episodes I had with friends :)


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