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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Is that it?

Yesterday, I was shocked when I saw a 25 year old woman jump off a building on TV. This was recorded in a CCTV that was supposed to record traffic violation. The reason why the girl decided to kill herself is dowry. I am sure this is not the first case where a woman kills herself for dowry or harassment after marriage. But my question here is - Why do you need money to marry a girl? Why do we lay so many conditions based on educational and professional background?
They say marriages are made in heaven, this should not be told anymore because we are making it a business these days. If you go through the matrimonial sites the number of conditions both men and women lay on what they expect from their life partner is really heart wrecking. It has become another job portal where the parents sell their children in the name of match making. I took some time to go through few of them I would like to quote few of the "requirements" which I found extremely annoying but still thanks to them it made me laugh for a while!
These are by few of our great men!
1)"I am looking for a professionally qualified girl, who is well trained in households and should stay loyal to my parents.'" I wanted to reply this guy that he hire a housemaid for households and buy a dog for loyalty.
2) Another guy had set a minimum salary limit, 'She should earn 23K minimum'.
3) 'I want her to earn at least 25,000 so I will be able to pay my housing loan!'
4) 'Girl should earn at least 35K in India and she should have a work permit in US so she can continue working here.'
I would stop here to save the length of my blog. These are the request of few men who are desperately in need of money. They don't want to marry a girl because they want to live a happy life with her till the end but they are running short of money to pay their housing loan and family expenses so they need someone who can help her with the finance. And I presume they cannot afford a servant in their financial crisis so they are looking for a girl who can earn and also do the household!
I am sure girls are no lesser; I tried to ponder through the profile of few girls but did not find anything as interesting as the ones above. But most of them are keen about settling down in US and other European countries. They don't want the poor men in India! Also they want a highly educated person when they have done only their bachelor's, isn't that unfair girls?
What do you notice here, it's money that rules the world of these people and they don't want a companion or a person who will love them for eternity!
Now my question is very simple, what difference do you find between and The former helps employers to recruit professionally qualified people who fit in their skill set, and in the latter parents or the to-be bride or groom select a person who match their professional and educational background. And when the parents meet the first thing they talk about is the amount of Gold the girl’s parents are ready to give the girl as dowry. Please! For god's sake don't make this a business, marriage is where two people who decide to travel the path of life together and it does not require money or gold from the girl, but requires lot of love and affection from the man and his family! She leaves her family behind in the trust that you will take care of her for the rest of her life, in the hope that you will make her happy every single minute. Isn't that a responsibility of yours?
I am not blaming all the men but there are few such and you cannot deny that! I hope this situation changes and people understand what they should seek from their life partners other than money!


  1. everyone has some expectations !
    few has some weird things like money, degree, plot etc :D
    nice read !
    a straight drive :D

  2. Expectations are good until it hurt others! It sure will hurt you but we don't have the rights to hurt others.. :) Thanks for the comment!! :)

  3. the contest posted in wipro was empower girls and i missed your blog...however i was frustrated with these very same fact and a blog poped out of my mind in these same lines in the morning...ll post the link in channel w....hope u really enjoy that................such men should not be allowed to live, so shouldn't be their families........i have come across even more unique people who can change the policies for their daughter and son ...:-)....

  4. hahaha... Thank you Sharanya.. good to know that people still remember me for my blogs! :) Yea I read your blog it was amazing! :)

  5. hey Gayu!How could we forget such a great blogger!! Yes Gayathri you do exist in WIpro Blogs.Check this out-

  6. Hi Lemina..! Thanks a ton.. :) unfortunately I do not have access to wipro sites.. :) What blog is it??


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