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Friday, 9 March 2012

You choose!

Have you heard young people saying, 'I am frustrated with this life? I don't really think I'll be happy ever!' or 'Life is so unfair to me!'  I always wanted to slap people when they say this.

Oh come on! How old are you? And what has happened to make you so frustrated that you have lost all hopes? 

I belong to this group of young adults who get often frustrated with their life, so let me guess... A love failure? Failed in a semester? Or you lost your job?  But are these things the end of your life? If you had failed in love, you will definitely find someone better than the one who left you and did you ever realize that if the person who left you wouldn't have done that if they had really loved you? You failed a semester! Fine, there is always another chance, you weren't expelled! Even if you were, there are other colleges or better opportunities. 

Life is never unfair to us; it is we who don't use the opportunities that are thrown at us. It's we who make the choice! We choose to be irresponsible and fail that semester! We choose to deny and move on; we choose to cheat ourselves saying that our partner still loves us when it is clearly visible that they don't anymore! Likewise, we choose to think that our life is frustrating. It's all in your mind and the way you think. When I lose something, I think something better is on its way and it will soon reach me. I choose to move on and not stall, I choose to smile and not cry. When life hits me hard I choose to learn and not quit! 

Remember, its faith and confidence that will keep you going, you cannot lose faith on yourself, you have stay confident and strong enough to get over the hurdles. 

You have not lost hope and you will never lose until you decide that you have lost it!  That's why they say, there's always light at the end of the tunnel.

Keep smiling, keep trying and keep going because you have miles to go before you sleep and make the travel memorable and worthwhile!

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