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Monday, 25 May 2015

Being Single (sinful)

My birthday just went by and made it official I have grown old and still unmarried and irresponsible and absolutely hopeless (according to others, in my version I am always awesome!). I am still unsure of what I want to do with my life. One day I want to become a zumba trainer, a writer the next and maybe a fashion designer another day because hey! It is never too late for anything! My parents don’t care what I want to become as long as I don’t rant to them about what is happening with my life. But right now I know they have an urgent need of seeing me as a wife of someone. But they absolutely understand and never force the idea of marriage into my head.

Now, my relatives, I don’t know they existed until I grew “old” they are extremely concerned that I am not married. I am a product consultant at a very reputed IT company and needless to say IT, consultant and MBA mean big money. I can take care of myself and my family and my relatives family too if they want me too. I am not bragging here but I am just trying to make a point that I am well settled. So this uncle of mine says I should compromise on my needs. I asked what type of compromise. He said you should not expect a good looking guy. I asked why and he stated the obvious, looks fade. Blah! Right, but I am not interested in having a man who is bulky and has a super big tummy that bloats infront of him as he walks or imagine having ahem.. sex.. with him.. yuck! Plainly disgusting. Let’s not even think about it. But ok, he wants me to compromise on the looks because I am growing old. I should not expect the guy to be independent. Yea, no error there. You see, there was an alliance and the son’s father wants me to financially support his son because he has a housing loan and I have to contribute towards it. First of all, this was a criteria the old man brought up while speaking a marriage alliance. He had the audacity to say my mother, that her daughter should work even if she wants to quit her job because his son is in debt. Speaking of pandavas betting their wife our men might still do it! So my uncle said he does it for our future. But shouldn’t that decision be made by both of us rather than I get married to him and start contributing for his loan from day 1. So this old man, did not think that I am the only daughter of my parents and maybe I would like to support my parents after wedding! But hey! I am a woman and men decide what a woman should do. So basically, I have my relatives asking me to compromise over my needs and settle for something lesser, something I don’t deserve because I am too old to lay conditions. But the same relatives don’t want to compromise on the needs of their children because they deserve better. Hypocrites!?

I then have these annoying friends who will not stop suggesting that I start looking for men on dating websites. That I should start seeing new people, I should try out relationships and I could get involved casually. Then there are men who assume that I might have sexual needs and start suggestive conversations with me. Then there are these useless people who are of my age and travel in the same boat as I do but just not as composed as you go around bragging about a dating life that don’t exist.

To all these idiots, maybe I enjoy being single. I might remain unmarried for the rest of my life I am sure it is not going to affect your life in anyway or maybe I might actually find the type of person I am looking for. Maybe I am not wise, intelligent, clever or however you want to call it. But I am happy, contended and having fun with my life. I am doing what I want to do and I am not afraid of the consequences because I take risks and I don’t regret. Maybe you should stop compromising and start living. Maybe you will end up being happy like me. Maybe you will find love someday.

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