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Friday, 17 April 2015


I saw this ad by dove and I am totally in love with it. Beautiful is a great word they say in the ad. But everyone chose to walk through the average door. I am sure I would have walked right through the average door too. But what is beautiful? The way you look? The way you tie your hair? Iron it, curl it, tie it up or let it loose. Is that beautiful? Your nose, your eyes? That cute yellow dress you wear? What defines beauty?

Beautiful is a beautiful mind although it sounds extremely clich├ęd. It is the mind. The way you look at things that the glass is not half empty but half full, appreciating the little things in life although there are a lot of things that makes it insanely imperfect and annoying. It is living life like there is no tomorrow, learning to let go of things and people when you know they are not going to bring you any happiness. It is speaking your mind and going up to the person you love and tell him that he is slowly turning your life beautiful and this world a better place to live in because of him. Beautiful is realizing your dreams and where your heart lies, listening to it every now and then and believing it speaks the truth.

It is having faith and believing in yourself when the entire world is crashing down. It is screaming the world that this is who you are and you are not going to change a bit because others think you are wrong. It is standing up to yourself and for the people you love. It is telling the truth although it hurts. It is the courage to stay away from that one person who is bringing you down although you love him/her to bits.

Beautiful is courage, family, love, being loved, giving love - more and more of it, friends, the right ones, following your passion, straying from the routine, being strong infront of the world and breaking down when your loved one hugs you, a kiss on his forehead when he is asleep, that smile when he smiles with his eyes still shut when you climb on him to cuddle and sleep, laughing out loud, smiling, crying, counting stars, being quiet and everything that makes your soul happy is beautiful.
This moment when you think you are happy no matter how many reasons you have to be sad. You choose to be happy because walking down the road with your mother after a late night dinner at a local restaurant, kulfi in your hand and both of you deliberately walking the road zig and zag not bothered about the world. That very moment you make a choice to be happy, you are beautiful.
Beauty does not lie in the eyes of the beholder. It lies in how you want to see yourself. It is how you choose to live today.

Stay beautiful, stay strong! J


  1. Completely agree with u dear :)

  2. completely agree... beauty is all about what yu think and make of yourself... lovely write-up Gayathri :-)
    Cheers, Archana -


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