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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Where are you?

A broken poem, An incomplete song,
A tainted photo that is close to my heart
A symbol of love that I keep for you
Waiting for signs of you coming for me
When I feel lust I hope you are here to quench it
To see the sweat drip down my neck and kiss it
I am waiting for you to sweep me off my feet
I am hoping to find my world in your eyes
I am longing to feel that one long hug 
I am waiting to listen to your heart beat
I am craving to feel your lips on mine
The burning passion to make love with you
It never ends, no idea when it began
You are the curve that will complete my circle
They say a million things, my knight in shining armor
I dream about you every single second
For you, I collect poems and verses
Where are you? come and listen to them.
I hear you are searching for me too
Can you send your name in the wind?
I will tell them a million times
And kiss your voice that travels miles to meet me
Can you send me your musk through the breeze?
I will lock that in a bottle and treasure it
Can you find the way as quick as you could?
I am tired of the treasure hunt
I don't need clues I need you and your warmth
I sing a song day and night only for you 
Can you follow the song and come to me?
Do you know the pain of love?
If you do, come here and heal my pain
Beware when you enter my door it is one way 
There is no way to go back, Cast your spell on me
I will protect you in my heart and give you my soul 
All you have to give me is love.

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