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Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Bike trip

A best friend, an awesome bike,
A chilling night and a long drive,
The cold wind, the blazing lights,
The empty streets, a beautiful night,
a gloomy sky,yet the moon shined so bright.

The suspicious glares, our happy minds,
Like two birds set free,
We wandered around the roads so wide,
round and round the connecting roads,
long and dark the highways strode,
sticky were our hands, quite was the night,
pulling down the jackets and holding up the hood,
I tried to avoid the whisky winds,
It was so stubborn and reckless!

My friend overtook the giant trucks
that threatened our lives,
our bike said, 'move on you gaint grandma'
and then sleekily and stylishly we move over
passing through the pitch darkness
We got the glimpse of incitement,

Our first roadtrip, our first road to friendship
A stranger who became a best friend,
A friendship to treasure,
A person who will be loved forever,
he is my friend, a wonderful person
one of those who care for my happiness,
One of gems that is rarely found.
He made me tick an item on my wishlist
I am sure there might come more long roadtrips,
But this one is special and will always be remembered!

I am dedicating this blog to my best of the best friend Kerry with whom I went on the first roadtrip in his precious yamaha FZ-S. He is a great friend, never thought he would be when I started talking to him the first time! I do love being in his companionship and he is a amazing guy. i respect him for being so sensible and guides me whenever he thinks I am wrong. Probably this will be the first and the last blog where I praise this ass! :P

And Kerry, you are a great biker who drive with passion!! :) May I earn lot of money to buy you a sports bike one day... :P :D and after I get you a sports bike you will get a better job and earn lots of money to maintain it.. :D :P lol hahaha I know how much you are going to hate me for this! :P =))


  1. A wonderful road trip post and a touching tribute to a friendship. Enjoyed reading.

  2. Wonderful composition... made me visualize each and every line... Hearty wishes...

  3. Very expressive :) Loved it !! The last paragraph is most loved :)

  4. This one is super fun read. What a lovely poem!!!

    1. thank you Saru.. good to know a great poet found it lovely! :)

  5. Aw thats a nice poem Gayathri. Well put together.

  6. Good one Gayu.. And the last lines were awesome :D

    1. Thank you Sasat! I am happy you liked it.. :)

  7. very nice....cheers to the road trips...
    and also as u said i did it

    wishing many more such road trips in ur life... :)

    1. Hey thanks! Long time haan.. I checked the blog, super as usual.. :D

  8. Well, I'm touched.....
    n I'm sure this is not the last one....
    There are more troubles to come your way 3:-)
    n You surely are going to praise me more :P

    n yes the last line was (half ;)) mean x(
    u are just finding ways for me to wish you to be rich :P

    1. Kerry!! Will you ever think straight..!! :D which friend will want to gift you a sports bike and after few days there will be someone and you will not even bother to take me on a ride let alone a long ride... :P still see I was so selfless and thought of buying you a sports bike.. :P and about trouble.. I have to bear it what to do.. !! but please don't sing it is third degree torture!! seriously... :/

    2. lalala.....that was special torturous way of singing :P
      n there wont be any fun if I start thinking simple ;)

    3. I just said don't sing..! :/ you cannot think simple because you've got a evil evil mind..!! :/

    4. wtf, you just made use of a personal conversation grrrrrrr and edited it in your blog....and you never told me nethng about this addition...........
      you better watch out this time when you're in bangalore

  9. Nice poetry. Why didn't you submit it for the castrol contest?

    1. TF.. I didn't know I can.. is it still on?? :|

  10. Hehehe :D I loved this one :D :).
    Superb experience haan? ;) :D.

    The poem is so nice :D :D. Felt like experiencing it ;) :D.
    Awesome :D

    1. great experience!! Told you.. :D Thanks a lot sweetie.. :*


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