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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Do you "Live" your life?

For the nth time in a row I proved myself that I am extremely lazy and when it comes to writing I cannot do something if it is preplanned and this could be connected to my laziness, a lazy, lazy, useless girl like one of my good friends say all the time. Well, yes I am THAT lazy I have so many people (especially my mom) pushing me to do things. I have a good friend who pings me almost everyday and scolds me to write something and to keep writing. Work keeps me busy, really! I would love to write something everyday but work gets to me and then sleep later laziness as usual. So what I am trying to say here is I wasn’t able to complete the alphabet series and that it is an epic failure. Yet another!

 I hardly find time during the weekdays. I am actually writing this because I am totally hungry and cannot concentrate in work, then there is this boring, useless meeting where lot of people talk the same thing on and on that they forget what they spoke and get so amused when the person talks the exact same thing by just modifying few words and adjectives and tenses here and there. Well, forget it. I am a professional now and so I am supposed to “enjoy” meetings and work. I will talk about it another day.

My mom she is a, well, you know a super woman. She is extremely friendly but also strict. She has to be for a rebellious daughter like me. So she always tells me make your life worth living. Don’t just exist and walk among humans. Get noticed. She forces me to write a diary. Have a plan. Workout, do yoga and many such stuff I wouldn’t do and rather watch TV if not for her. When I was a kid she dragged me, literally dragged me by grabbing the collar of my t-shirt when I was playing with friends to the local library and piled books infront of me to read. That’s how it started - the habit of reading. Now, she snatches my smartphone from my hand and gives a book instead. Sigh!

So anyway, I always think what have I achieved in life? I have lived for 27 years on this planet but what did I do in the past that makes me smile and feel determined. I yawn, roll my eyes and again try hard to think and honestly the only thing that comes to my mind is my blog and the people who love my writing. And then I go on thinking with that smug smile of what my friends say, ‘Yea! Now I understand why these guys push me to write!’ So yea, I think finding that I can write well although it started out of boredom has made something out of me. Now I am doing few things apart from blogging which makes my writing worthy. So what do you do? Have you ever thought why you have this life? Why you are a human being? Just living the boring mundane life like others and how different you are from others. Have you ever given it a thought?

I think everybody should do things they like to do. Take a moment to breath, sometimes literally! I know how crazy it gets at work. But you know I think we just stop living because of these factors. Many times I get this serious urge to pack my stuff write a note to my parents and just disappear (like Deepika does in yeh jawaani hai deewani) then I want to create a list of crazy things I want to do and do them with my best friends (like Nargis does in Rockstar! What a horrible movie it is!!) So yea, these people the directors of this movie they actually try to convey the message that I am trying to convey here and that is, once in a while do things that pleases you, things that gives you contentment. If you are busy 23 hours or even 23.5 hours take that 0.5 hours to do something you like, something that you will get immersed into and forget the boring charts and reports or codes that you work on. Do it and see how it feels. It feels great. Take up a hobby or your passion like writing, photography or anything that you like. Spend at least half an hour on it everyday and see how much you improve in life and how much satisfied you feel. For IT professionals, even if you are busy throughout the week tell me what you do over the weekends? Sleep, sleep, wake up eat and sleep again. Seriously! You call that life. Get one very urgently! J There are people who started things as a hobby are successful in that field they took as a hobby or started doing because it is a passion. If they can, you can too.

If you are not sure what you like to do apart from endlessly typing codes or creating colourful graphs. Please shut your laptop now, go to the terrace, do you have a watertank above? Climb the ladder, preferably at night, lie on the tank look at the sky, don’t sleep off but think, think of the things that makes you happy, that gets you high when you are doing it or even think of doing. Or just take your car or bike and go on a long ride till you feel you have reached too far from home or have a serious conversation with a kid. Have you done these? Do it and you know there are a lot of beautiful things other than work. You will eventually find your passion that thing that keeps you going J


  1. see, usually I am too lazy to read long posts but I am glad I read this one completely :p I liked your post from the first line cause I could relate with you..It's truly inspiring..Thank you :) Keep writing :D :D


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