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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Never Let me Go - Please go away!

Disclaimer: Fans of Sachin Garg, Nikita Singh and Durjoy Dutta please don’t read this blog or read it at your own risk but watch out when you comment because I might delete it if you are going to say stuff like I am jealous or something because for writers like these jealousy is the last emotion I will feel.

Yesterday, I read this book “Never let me go” by Sachin Garg thinking I need a lighter read as I’ve been having a stressful day at work for few weeks. Least did I know that this book is only going to add on to my stress. No… No… this is not going to be a book review if that’s what you are thinking. I never thought that I will ever write about a book and how it made me feel. But I am kind of you know… forced to write this blog because I want to get this raging anger out of my head. So end of this blog, if you are waiting for me to give 3 out of 5 stars or 2.5 stars out of 5 for this book I am not going to do that because in my opinion this book doesn’t deserve a star in first place.

I always read a book from top to bottom; well not technically I skip few pages in between if I feel they are unnecessary additions or waste of time. But I never miss out on the credits I like to read it. So, when I read this book my first disappointment started there and my hopes well, sank the deepest sink like how they say down in the dumps. This guy had given his credits to Nikita Singh and Durjoy Dutta. Bad book alarm! Bad book alarm! Started screaming my brain! Nikita Singh is a great writer I love the way she narrates a story but I don’t know what happens to her when she writes a book with this guy Durjoy Dutta. The negative aura of him affects her so quickly that they both produce a horrible book! The first time I read the book of this guy, the first thing that came to my mind was OK, here we go another wanna-be Chetan Bhagat. If there is one thing I love about his books it’s the titles they are unique and catchy so that’s all. I just read the title of his books chuckle and move on to a good book, a book that is worth my time.

Still, I told myself let me not judge the book by the person who edited and reviewed it. Maybe he is good because trust me the reviews in goodreads and flipkart was so good (deceiving). People called this book inspiring. What the hell is wrong with these people! Trust me, after reading the book I was feeling anything but inspired! I was so irritated that I want to open my laptop and write an e-mail to this writer but then I thought I had already wasted 3 hours reading this book why waste another half an hour trying to write an e-mail that will politely portray my anger. So here I am writing whatever I want to write in my blog because I am not going to definitely give this author the happiness of saying, oh! This person is jealous of me or she cannot appreciate good work blah…blah… because I have seen how writers take this kind of anger or when people call their book a piece of crap sorry ratshit!

As I said earlier, I skip a lot of pages when I read books. But this time I made a note of the pages I skipped and I skipped almost 100 pages. The book itself was only 238 pages(this guy should have studied in Anna university he would have passed with flying colors! He can write pages and pages of nothing but nonsense). It should have been a short story which was for some reason written as a bloody novel! Maybe, since this guy had a publisher who wrote only crappy novels in hand who was ready to publish his crappy work as well?  This is just a normal, very normal and boring love story that involves tearing clothes and kissing each other romance and I cannot remember anything other than that(not because I have a desperate perverted mind there was nothing else worth remembering!). And oh! Arambol and Woodstock village in Goa that’s all. The protagonist who is shown as a mature person in the beginning scoots off to Goa when he sees his best friend and girlfriend kissing each other in the other room. Tell me something, which Indian guy or any guy for that matter leaves his girlfriend alone with his best friend(who had feelings for her before she got hooked up with him) in the other room and also allow them to close the door. OK, you are SO broadminded, I am definitely not clapping for that because you are a fool to do so. But coming back to my point if you are so bloody broadminded why can’t you wait and listen to what your gf or bestie/roomie had to say. You just jumped and ran away to Goa. How funny! When I was reaching the climax I was telling myself ok, don’t tell me it’s a CPR, mouth to mouth respiration, please! And it was exactly that.

 End of the novel this guy had told that this is a story “inspired” from his real life. What were you thinking? And he gave a warning (he had told it normally but I took it as a warning) that he is got more such “inspiring” stories to tell us.

Of all these torture, there was only one message that was clear and concise, which I liked and will give it to him for that. Most of the relationships are complicated because we fail to listen to the other person and what they have to say. It all roots up from misunderstanding between two people which they fail to sort till the end. Still! The story was really intolerable!

I have only one question to all the Indian writers especially like these; do you know there are other genres apart from love/romance? And do you know we don’t really care what happens in your life? So please, try something new and stop giving us these shitty novels in the name of stories inspired from your boring life. Everybody has a love story and we have lost our partners for worse reasons. So stop taking us for granted and publish your useless love stories in the name of inspiring people as crappy novels.

I spent a good Rs. 107 on this novel to know that mouth to mouth respiration is be given by the guy lying on top of the girl. Is that how it is done when the person suffering from asthma attack is your best friend? Can someone explain me?


  1. Calling all doctors for the answers we need and thanks for saving my hard earned money :D.

    1. haha Sriram, the least I could do :D

  2. Just straight from your heart ?
    Well said.
    I feel the same, nowadays we have only wanna-be authors and wanna be Chetan Bhagat.
    Promotional stuffs and Facebook fuels such bandwagon.

    1. very straight from my heart which had to wait till this morning because I didn't want to waste my night's sleep again writing about this novel! :D true! God save literary in India :) thank you for the read and comment!

  3. Wooh! That was something! :D
    I can easily relate with the stroke your brain had to handle after reading such stuffs. Seriously, sometimes they actually succeed in ending our trust in new-age literature!

    *empathies* :D

  4. a very inspiring read gayathri....your post i mean :D....well written...i can well understand your predicament...i too came across one such writer...what was her name...i dont remember, and i had given my piece of mind in my Shelfari review....feeling lazy to go back and check that comment and writer's name.....keep writing


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