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Tuesday, 4 November 2014


The sound of rain, 
The smell of mud
A cup full of coffee, 
the drifting smoke
A foggy window, 
an incomplete mind
An unfinished story,
the blinking cursor
An unnamed relationship
Those beautiful memories
The painful quarrels
An unsaid story
An everylonging heart
A beautiful past
A heartwrenching present
The future to unfold
A heart swollen with hope
Eyes full of tears
Head full of ego
Broken hearts, satisfied pride
An incomplete life
Emptiness unfolds
A realization of what was lost
Better late than never
Will our roads meet ever?
A question that makes me quiver!
yet here I wait, here I wait
For we did not meet without a reason
You came to me as an answer to my prayer
So here I wait with another prayer!


  1. I hope the answer comes soon to that prayer, Gayu :)

  2. It is so beautiful , just loved it :)

  3. Its not a poem.. its jus a random and scriven list !!

    1. haa Enonymous! Glad to see you again. I missed you! :)

  4. very touchy one...loved reading it...keep posting


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