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Friday, 18 October 2013

Hope and trust!

A mistake that ate happiness
A happiness that was beautiful
Trust that was built over days
Love that tied it up together
When obsession made it's way in
Lie crept in and hearts were broken
Lie broke the love and trust
Words were not enough to apologize
Apology did not make a difference
Tears did not explain the love

Life went on with an emptiness
Emptiness that remained forever
A broken mirror is broken forever
Trying to put it back together
Was a dream so doltish
Stranded between reality and dream
Wiser it is choose reality
For dream hurts so much than reality

Walking back on the lonely road
Stings every cell of my body
But wiser it is to be alone
For nobody stays, things change
people change and life goes on
But cleverer it is to be selfish
For you don't cry for people who left
But how else do you learn to love?
For life is not about being alone!
So here I wait again for the ray of hope
For the trust to be rebuilt
For the moments that are waiting to be created
For the beautiful love to be created again
Here I live with hope
For that's what makes me human
That's what makes me who I am!


  1. Hopeful! Each line of this poem is too intense. Very Expressive! Coming here for the first time and I plan to visit this place soon :) Stay blessed


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