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Sunday, 5 May 2013


You are like a favourite song
Drizzles during the rainy days
A cold breeze during summer
The fresh smell of a new book
Like the sea on a full moon day

You are my sunshine and daylight
Your voice is my daily dose of vitamin
You are the beat of my heart
You are a drug that gives ecstasy

You are my life, you make me smile
My world revolves around you
The thought that you are there
Gives me peace as the day ends

I don’t want to lose you
The mundane bores me
But I want this forever

I cannot think of a world beyond this
It gives me happiness, it gives me pain
If it doesn’t last, I recite a prayer
Give me the strength to move on
I know happiness will be far by then
But give me the strength to live
And then comes the usual secret one
I want this forever, I want this to last!


  1. Hmmm. Need I say more :).

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. This poem so much reminds me of John Denver's song, Annie's Song. Do you know the song? Here is the link:

    This poem would sound wonderful if set to a tune.

    Joy always,

    1. Thank you so much Susan! By far, this is one of the best comments I have received. No I have not heard this song but I will hear it now :)

  4. Nice :) Excellent choice of words

  5. Yes, the secret wish! :)
    Was a great pleasure to read ! :)

    1. Thank you Gayathri for the visit and comment. Do come by often :)


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