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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hope and hurt

Living in a life of dream
I hope for everything to come true
Hard it is to know the truth
Not everything I see are real
I try so hard to get rid of the hope
I cannot take the hurt anymore
How do I put in words?
Black and white is not what I need
It stings me like thorn
It rips my heart apart

I try to walk away
restrained by a strong gravity
love is what keeps my life going
but how hard it is to be hurt in love
Being hit on and on, soon enough
before the first tear hits the ground
Maybe it is not meant to be
but does it harm not to hurt?
Maybe someday you might understand
truth is not what I want all the time
Maybe I will be far gone by then
Maybe out of your life or out of my own
I try to be me, I am trying not to express

I really deserve a little more than what I get now
Your words hit my head like a hammer
I stay silent most of the time
coz I don't want to see you walk away
I treasure your presence in my life
You are one of the best things that happened to me

But You have broken my heart a million times already
yet I pick those pieces and give them to you
It is not because I love you
but because I know it will be safe with you
For hope is all I have and hurt is all you give!
Not sure how long I can resist with this
I try to give myself the strength
The strength to smile when you hurt me the next time
The strength to stay with you,
when you want to be with someone else!


  1. Very heartbroken poem.. maybe try to give broken pieces to one who cares to bind them... haha...

  2. A very poignant and touching work. hope can indeed break you.
    I wrote a poem on hope too -

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! :) Sure I will read the blog!

  3. Intense Pathos.. Loved the poem.

    1. Thank you mynascence :) I am glad you loved it!

  4. touching words.. not because i love you but because i know it will be safe with you .. so much you said in these sentences .. loved the emotions !well expressed !!

  5. Why is it that I get the feeling that most of your poems look the same.
    I must have read a dozen or so, with same thoughts written with few different words.
    I believe you wanted to be a published writer, but looks like you are content with writing the same old old old thoughts.
    And coming back to your self help posts, give us a story instead of sounding preachy.Most of your posts look like advise to me, and you yourself had told in some of your posts that you didn't like being advised.
    Just my thoughts. You said you are all ears.

    1. Thank you Sanjay, I completely agree with your comments on the poetry part and I have started getting the same feeling as well. I am going to work on it and hopefully you will find different poems here when you come the next time.

      As for the "preaching" part I believe in telling the world what I learnt from my own experiences many of them have found it useful. Many contacted me thanking me for it. So there are people who find it useful. I remember talking the same thing to you long back. I do not like being advised upon things. But if I am heart broken and if someone offers me a good solution to it I will definitely take it. I really do not feel the need to explain it here. If you are not comfortable reading it you are always given the option to skip it. :)

      And yes, you will find short stories too very soon.

      Thank you for taking the time to give me your suggestions.


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