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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Yearning.

I yearn to feel
I yearn to give
I yearn to stop yearning
And the more I try
The more I yearn
The more the introspection
The more the throe

The one who is near
Yet so far in mind and heart
The one who is far
Yet so near in my thoughts
I feel so numb and powerless
Tired and weary of the loses
I turn to look at my past to see
They left me crying and pained
While loneliness pulled me in,
Into its world where it was only me
I learned to live with what I had
I don't want to stay here anymore

I want to feel the beautiful feeling
I want to have that person in my life
Who could bring magic with him
Who will give me all the love he could
I yearn to feel the warmth of love
I yearn to feel the joy of togetherness
I yearn to keep the hope in my heart
The hope that will never fade with time
I yearn to see love grow in my life
A love that will never give me pain
A love that will never leave me
I yearn for this yearning to end soon!


  1. This is a nice poem Gayathri :) Put it in if you can.

  2. Hi Gayathri,

    Great post with beautiful lines. :)
    Indeed, the heart has a habit of yearning, that too incrementally. Its desires never get fulfilled and the heart makes us do crazy stuff in life, love is one of those things.

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    1. Sure Jay, I will check :) Thank you for the comment !

  3. Hello Gayathri..

    What a beautiful poem to describe the yearning. Thoroughly loved it.

    I yearn for this yearning to end soon!

    esp. loved the way you concluded it.. Superb write up.

  4. A beautiful write up , never thought anything could be written on yearning.

  5. such a beautiful poem on yearning . . could feel the essence in every line . . keep writing :)


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