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Monday, 7 April 2014

The blue beauty!

Calm and tranquil
Contagious is your serenity
Colorful and bright
To watch you is a delight
You touch my feet
I play with you in joy
I come a little closer
You grab me by my legs
Scary is your grip
how much I love the thrill!

Vast is your beauty and benevolence
Like a mother running towards her child
I stand there adoring your Colossal
You remind me of my dreams
You urge me to follow my heart
You teach me to be happy always
For life is about living today
Hey blue beauty, you transport me to another world
A world where there is just you and me
You erase my pain and make me smile
You calm my mind and put off the chaos
Everytime I see you my heart sings!

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