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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Life awaits!

Never too far, not too near
A vision so blurry and unclear
I try to grasp, I wait for it
A lug that is never real
I wish for it, I hope too hard
A dream that is so dubious
Too dangerous to stand close
Too painful to move away
A game of life not so much fun
I yearn to hold it closer to my heart
I long to see it come true
Not so easy, not so possible
I try to stay away and move on
There it comes smiling at me
Unwilling to leave, hating to stay
Here I contemplate with my heart
Learn to give up, see the future
Life is unfair yet Strain to move on
I smile and walk away
As life waits with open arms!


  1. Nicely framed....and I love the positive message..Good start of the day...:)


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