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Thursday, 3 April 2014

The locket

I walked all around the world
Looking for the treasure
A treasure that will make me smile
A locket that will stay close to my heart
Tired of trying and weary of crying
Sitting on a milestone, staring at the road
The path I travelled was not so beautiful
Hurt and betrayed, bruises of treachery
Friends they said, the least they cared
broken promises like a damaged mirror
reflected their true self all a profound act
The flawless scripts they enacted and played
pessimistic thoughts they planted and watered
Eager to see me fall into the pits
deceiving love coated with cunningness
waiting to see me fall and die
Life did not promise to be fair
In cruelty I found a lesson
A lesson to treasure till I die

The treasure was with me all along
Deep within my heart and soul
Waiting for me to find and rejoice
I sat on the milestone smiling to myself
The locket fell into my hands
And there it is close to my heart
Here I am smiling at all
The ones who waited for my befall
Here I rise up and higher
Learning to see the beautiful side of life
Here I smirk at the ones who broke my heart
For I learnt they were not worth a place there
Here I smile in joy and beyond
For I have the locket close to my heart
and the key to the treasure I found


So, what do you think? :)