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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The mystical mystics!

I respect people who follow their heart, because they live a happy life. I believe that your instincts don’t lie, because mine never does. But then after a point of time I stopped believing in this thing, “Follow your heart and do what your instinct says” it was probably because of the series of events that happened in my life that made me stop believing in it or I grew up. I started believing in certainity and started being more rational. Now that I have been both the rational and irrational one I can tell the difference between the two. Honestly, a person who is rational will not follow their heart and they dream less or they dream a lot but never run behind their dreams because what if the dreams don’t come true? What if we fail? What if I am on the wrong path? they get hit by so many questions that are completely unanswerable end of it they drop it and just go back to their boring, monotonous life that gives them certainity and logic because logic gives you an answer and you know the flowchart of the events if you do something. Boring huh? But yes, being a rationalist made me think more clearly. But then I am not enjoying my life. People who follow their heart don’t know what’s next and when the questions I asked above arise in their mind they reply, “so what?” So what if the dream didn’t come true? I ran behind it and in future I won’t regret that I didn’t. So what if I failed? I tried! There won’t be maybes, couldbes in their lives because they are happy to do what their heart says. They seldom face fear of rejection or even if they do they go ahead to see what happens.

I had gone to my one of my close friend’s sister’s wedding this weekend. There I met an amazing team of photographers – The Mystic Studios. A bunch of youngsters with all sorts of high end cameras were swamping around the stage taking picture of the bride and groom in various angles. They were running all over the stage and sometimes I thought they spell a magic to go from one place to another because if I see one of them on the stage this second I see the same person standing in the balcony of the first floor with a different camera focusing the bride the very next moment. They moved at the pace of light. The energy and enthusiasm they showed was contagious. I sat there admiring these people enacting the meaning of the word dedication. Others who had come to the wedding would have seen happiness and goodness flourish in the big room but I saw something different, I saw passion and love for photography.

About 2 years back, 2 men – Saravanan and Sajith understood they are a misfit in IT and very badly wanted out. They came up with the idea of wedding photography. All they had at that point of time was love for their passion and the fire to do what they wanted to do. They followed their heart, invested their hard work and creativity into photography. Today, they are a pack of men very carefully handpicked who could see this world through their lenses in a different perspective.They are a resonance of positive energy. They give a whole new meaning to dedication. They spread a simple message through their action - If we could follow our heart and get here, you could too. All you need is a little bit of hard work, persuasion, dedication and the willingness to strive towards excellence. Not to mention, irrational is one of the meanings of their name! That’s mystic studios for you. I am very proud and happy that I know these guys personally.

Click here to enter the world of beautiful wedding photography.

They gave me the confidence that if I follow my heart, I will be where I want to be because when the heart is happy you will be. J


  1. Ah that's a beautiful page...Thank you for reco and thanks to those 2 people who chose to live their dream and lived it so beautifully!

    1. Thank you Ekta! :) Glad you liked the page :)

  2. Beautiful hearts sound beautiful words :)

  3. Following our hearts is the only reason god created us, but people are too busy finding logic and commerce in everything by ignoring the fact that if you follow your heart honestly, it will take care of your life commercially

  4. 'They are a resonance of positive energy' Lesson learned...


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