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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Inspirations of my life!

 “Always remember to do what you like and be what you want to be. Ignore what others tell you what you should do” told my mother when I was 10. She tells me this often even now. When I whine about what others tell me she asks, “What do you want?” There, I know what I want. “It’s OK, if you are an average student. I know you will do well in life. Academics has nothing to do with your career and growth.” she said. To my surprise she did not pull me off the dance school or the karate class thinking that it was distracting me. No matter how much she suffered, she never lost the smile on her face. Today when I tell her that I want to be a writer and achieve something in life and marriage is the last thing I could think of, she smiles and says, “Do what you think will make you happy.”  The woman who is always behind my success, a solution to my problems, the serenity in times of storm, the salvage for my pains and the captain of my ship, that’s my mother.

20 years back, this woman left to a remote village to live alone. Far away from her family and relatives she did not want to be dependent on anyone. Her determination always surprises me. She was adamant and she knows what she wanted out of life. My great grandmother, who is dead now, was THE most beautiful woman I have ever seen. The subtle smile on her beautiful face can never be forgotten. The amount of determination and will power she had in her mind always makes me think am I her grandchild? She never broke down, not once or even if she did she picked the pieces as quickly as possible and walked forward, all alone with no support. She believed in being independent and she was. She had cooked, cleaned her house and gone to the hospital all alone even before the day she died. That’s her!

My mother taught me one thing. She made it very clear. “You are responsible for your actions. I am not going to guide you because I know you are not going to listen to me. So, today if you fail you are responsible for it. You succeed again you are responsible for it. I will be there to support you in your bad times. I will be standing in a corner enjoying your happiness and success.” I grew up hearing this and I learnt to be independent. While few men in my family were busy judging me for not being married yet, giving me stupid scientific reasons for why I “must” marry early no matter I like the man or not (well, end result has to be a baby so why bother if I like him or not!) the women of my family respected my decision that I want to be an established writer and until then I don’t want to be married.

The women in my family are full of determination and will power. They know to go behind what they want, they are born to achieve. I am proud to be a part our family because I don’t have to go out to find inspiration. They are around me, in my house and they are always smiling at the little achievements I make. At this point of time, how can I forget to give credits to the men in my life? That would be totally unfair. My dad, the coolest man on earth! He knows what I want even before I try to figure. My uncle, my dad’s brother, an amazing character he always tells me how to enjoy the little things in life, like a morning walk across the flyover or an evening nap. He always tells me do what you like, follow your heart. I don’t know why, I really don’t know why! But I have many friends in guys than in girls. These men they always support me and are there by my side. They guide me in the right path and stand like pillars by my side when I need them. They lend me a shoulder when I want to lean over. What do I say! They are always there for me.
When I go on and on about the women and men in my life, I cannot help but think about the rape victims and those women who were brutally killed by men for their greed and sexual needs. I was angry when I saw Satyamev Jayate last week. I was at a wedding but my mood was spoilt the whole day. I couldn’t stop wondering why this state for the creator of lives?  It clearly showed where women stand in our country. A lady who was raped 21 years back is still waiting for justice. A kid was killed after being raped; a girls tongue was cut off so she doesn’t tell her family who raped her. If we have to wait for justice for 21 years clearly, women are not respected in this country. The punishment is not severe because women are the weaker sex and they will take the abuses and what can they do? This situation has to change. Women should be respected which means we should start taking things in our hands because I have stopped believing that the country or the Government can do something about it. Learn martial arts and teach your child to protect herself. Teach her to be independent. We are born to be a slave of men and their wrong intentions. We are born to achieve, we are the creators of lives and we should definitely earn the respect we deserve. If they don’t give us let’s teach them how!

Men, please protect the women of your life and respect the sacrifices they do for you. Love them and cherish their presence in your life. Tell them you love them and how much they mean to you. On a lighter note, learn to embrace the fact that how much ever whiny and annoying we are, you need us! :D

Women – Someone who can take multiple avatars at the same time. They help you stay strong. They put your priorities ahead of theirs. They make you the center of their lives. They love you with all their heart. They stand by you when the world gives upon you. Celebrate us. Celebrate womanhood.

Today, take an oath to protect and respect us. Never ever take us for granted.

 Dedicated to all the women in my life and the world. Also to the men who always stand by us to support us. Just remember, we love you no matter how many times we say we hate you. We love you and you awesome! J

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