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Monday, 13 January 2014

The Flying lantern

I make a wish to fly a lantern;
a flying lantern that will carry my wish
Happily and slowly floating in the air:
It will carry my wish to the place where God lives!

Do you know my wish is about you?
A wish to see your beautiful eyes
Do you know my wish is to touch you?
To realize you are true and not a dream
Do you know my wish is too big?
A wish to be together forever
And happily ever after

I make a wish to fly a lantern
A lantern that will take my dreams to you
To let you know that I love you
A wish to know if you love me as much
After wishing for all I could
I send the lantern up in the air
To see it dance and float higher

I see a star bright and twinkling
I wish you are seeing the same star
As the lantern travels higher and higher
My wish to see you grew bigger
I make a wish to see you soon
Until then I will embrace our cute love
Hoping for my wish to come true!


So, what do you think? :)