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Friday, 24 January 2014

Time and Life

With every passing day
The memories rot and fade
Like a withering leaf from a tree
You leave my life without a trace
Neither feeling sad nor feeling burdened
I smile as life teaches me the lesson again
So true that time changes everything
Your thoughts don't make me smile anymore
covered in a dust called time
Maybe the love still exist new and fresh
Deep down in the corner of my heart
Your thoughts might reside forever
Or maybe the place might remain hollow
But least do I care about it now
For you are my past, you are a lesson
A precious lesson that I will carry with me
Surprised about this change
I smile at the game of life
I learn the same beautiful lesson
People change, life changes
Love diminishes, more people come
Only to give you more love and care


  1. you are such a poet... Love your words....

    Mr. A


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