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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Breaking Free

I live in a prison so closed and secure
I loved it when I was young and immature
It was my little cocoon where I felt safe
I cherished the moments I spent there
I loved being protected in my harbor
Where Everything I did was favoured

Then came a time when I grew old
I wanted to break free
Off the chains and hook
So I can go and take a look through my eyes,
Live life the way I see it
I plan to run and never come back
Fear engulfs me as this thought recurs
Not knowing if it is right or wrong
I stay torn in bits in the resort I live
The thought of breaking free occurs again
To take the lonely road and meet people
Not wanting to be bound to the rules
Let life get to me, live the life of ordinary
I want to be independent and live different
The way I want life to be

Guilt engulfs me for I might hurt my kith and kin
Never been worried about their judgments
Yet it is scary to run away and never come back
How difficult it becomes to live your life!
When the whole world tells you what to do,
How naïve they think I am to decide on my own
Yet I want to break free off the rules and guards
I want to live life the way I want,
I want to break free to see,
how difficult life can get when you are on your own!


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  2. I really liked your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can visit the link to complete the procedure. Spread Love and Spread Smiles.
    - Barkha

    1. Thank you Barkha. I will check that :)

  3. I feel your words... I want my freedom, too. Adulthood is a complicated world, isn't it?

    I am your new blog reader. Looking forward to reading more! Happy weekend! :-)

    1. Very complicated!! and welcome to my blog Irene! :) Thanks a lot I am glad you like it :) Sure come by often! :)


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