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Saturday, 26 October 2013

A dream without cellphones and facebook

Yesterday, I had a very strange dream. I am popular among my cousins, family and friends circle for getting the weirdest of weird dreams in the world. Few days I had a dream like murdering someone with a butcher knife and the person was lying on a pool of blood. I cover up the murder and wander around just feeling guilty from time to time within the 12 hours of my sleep (yes! I slept for 12 hours! You should have seen my mother’s reaction that day when I came out of my room! I don’t miss those.) So yesterday, I had a dream. I was on a family trip in a beautiful place on a sea shore which later became a dirty, boring lake into which few guys dived to swim. I was having a serious urge to dive and swim too but considering the dirtiness of the pool I restrained. But there was one thing I loved about the dream I was very slim, had long silky hair and was wearing all sorts of beautiful dresses and matching silhouette shoes. Haa! The room that I stayed in was facing the sea /lake and it was a beautiful sight only until it was a sea. There were parks facing a lake (another one which remained a lake till the end) and there was also a very handsome man with whom I eventually broke up for someone I loved from the bottom of my heart! If only I knew who this man is: P

Then comes the weirdest part where I am all alone and get stuck with a girl I would really not prefer spending time with even if the only other option is to die alone. But there I was sitting with the girl I hated the most in my high school and having vada pav with her listening to her brag about her job in a MNC bank that has a grand pay attached with it. I open my bag to send a text to my best friend for rescue. My mobile was missing not a surprise I always leave it behind.  Finally, after boring me about her job and life for sometime she decides to put an end to my misery. I tell her as a formality that I saw the photos she had clicked on her birthday in Facebook and looked gorgeous (that’s a white lie!) She gives me a puzzled look and asks, ‘Facebook? What’s Facebook?’ I look at her appalled. Then I ask her for her cellphone number and she asks me what a cellphone is? Now, I am thoroughly shocked which means I did not leave my cellphone behind but it did not exist! I hug her and lie to her again that she is gorgeous and leave. I go home (yes we were not on a family trip anymore!) I have the old telephone in one corner of the living room which rings. I get a call from my best friend who is asking me to come to a park nearby so we can have meet and have paani poori. Yaay! Another part I love about the dream. My best friend was in the same city as mine and paani poori! hoo..hoo... what more can I ask for! 

I am still in the hangover of that dream and then I saw this image, it made me sad and at the sametime smile with that OH-YEA smug face!

Then I thought of my dream and the BBM pin torture that my friends are putting me through by sharing it on facebook and whatsapp for the past 2 days. Made me scream, "I don't have a bloody BBM and don't want your PIN". Then I thought of the the last seen option on whatsapp which I hate, last logged in little cellphone icon next to your name facebook chat that tells you when you logged in last. I am just praying god that it shouldn’t go down to microseconds. We actually let people officially stalk us. Go to a restaurant and you don’t bother to order the food the first thing you do is to pick your phone and update your facebook status. Honestly, I don’t care where you eat and what you eat. How private and true were people when there was no internet. But I think no matter how much technology improves it is us. I have a friend who blames facebook for everything. I was also doing that once too but later I started thinking it is me who controls it. I am the one who should decide my priorities and how much I want to share my life. People who have 1000 friends on their Facebook surprise me. Practically, you can hardly have 10 – 15 friends with whom you can genuinely stay in touch, others come and go, 1 or 2 closed ones think of 1000 friends the very thought of it suffocates me!

Sigh! Our lives would be less complicated if only we knew how to use cellphones and social networking websites!

Of all the social networking sites, messengers, messaging app and other blahs, skype is the only one I love! How nice it is to see our loved ones everyday even when they are miles away from us. J

Moral for today - Don’t blame technology and facebook. Learn to prioritize and stay controlled! (I am saying this more to myself)

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