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Friday, 15 November 2013

Walking that beautiful lane

My laptop is on the verge of dying. Trust me it is just a gadget but still it doesn’t feel good AT ALL. Its battery died like a year back I was too reluctant to replace it and let run in electricity as long as it could. Finally it gave up J and then a virus invaded my hard drive, later I don’t know how many viruses reside in that tiny body now that my OS is going to crash in few days. I am sure. So this morning I was too lazy to go to the gym so to escape my mom I planted myself infront of the laptop and transferred the pics that were taken during different occasions in the past. If there is one thing I like about photos apart from all of us looking extraordinarily good because of Photoshop and Instagram these days, we are smiling and happy always. There are only good memories. Nobody clicks a pic when they cry or when they are sad. So I had piles and piles of good memories to recall. I missed few people who were not a part of my life anymore and they would never be because we are busy with our lives!

I walked a long lane of memory lane for almost 4 hours and they all fit into a 16 GB pen drive! I have always thought what have I done in life so far? Sometimes I feel so underachieved (as opposed to how I felt when I failed in 2 – 3 subjects when I was in school) but then when I saw these pics of mine with my vast extended family and cousins, friends and colleagues we all seemed so happy and what have achieved? I don’t know! But I know I have won so many hearts along the course of my life.

Of course, we had our differences a lot of them but when I saw those pics I only got reminded of the happiness that we had been going through then. The beautiful experience of togetherness, looking out for each other and being there for each other no matter how much we disliked each other for the lame reasons we keep pointing out all the time. Although we had hugged someone because we had to at that time when you see it after 3 years you miss that person too. Memories are not bitter I missed each one of them in the photograph and I really wished I could relive those moments. I wished I could be with them again for a day or even an hour.

So this is it, this is life. It’s about creating those beautiful moments. Hatred, dislike and anger will not matter after few years because it is just the happy moments that matter. So no matter how bad the other person is do not forget to leave a footprint in their life so that when they think of you after few years they smile and miss you. They might hate you today but after few years they will remember you for your sweetness or the way you loved them in return for their hatred J

And don’t forget to click a pic as you create those beautiful moments when you are with the people that matter to you because time flies and you never know things might change as it flies. The person who is so close to you today and you meet everyday might be thrown to the other end of the globe. Create memories because sometimes they matter the most as they NEVER change like people! J


  1. Lovely writing. Yes, moments should be captured so that we can feel them all the time.

  2. Ohh you have a nice blog.... I am gonna read all your posts as a way to celebrate the end of the year... I think I love you..... CE...!!

    1. Thank you! and wow that's something. I hope you have a beautiful year ahead! Good luck :)


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