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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Life is very uncertain!

I have not seen someone who is dead till the last year. My great grandma passed away just like that one day. She was hale and healthy in her 95th year and one day she just died. She lived alone and was a very determined person. I had written how I felt about her death here.

Around the same time this year her daughter my father’s big mother died. She stayed where her mother did she spoke to all her grandchildren before the day she died then the next day we had this shocking news. We had to rush to a village in south. I was not feeling bad or my stomach was not churning because I have not seen or interacted much with this person and so I was not emotionally attached with her. I saw a lot of difference in both the deaths. When my great granny died we had relatives who flew from all over the world and it was more of a family gathering for us like there was a function at home. I observed a totally different situation in case of my father’s big mother. She did not have kids and she had lived aloof almost all her life. It was only after her husband’s demise the existence of this person mattered to us. The situation of her after she died scared me. Most of the times I had to go sit next to the corpse because it was left alone, yes she is dead and it doesn’t matter anymore but she does deserve some respect.

The first thing I told my mother after coming back from her funeral was, "I am going to make sure there are more people in my life. I am going to make sure I have a family that has a wonderful husband and lovely kids. I will never compromise on talking to my cousins" any day. I will stay in touch with all my friends no matter how busy I get with my life” I think this is very important because today we are alive but tomorrow we might die just like that for any given reason and I don’t want to be seen as a burden and when my corpse is finally cremated people should not sigh in relief.

Life is so uncertain and it has proven to be like that to me in many instances in the near past. My grandfather who was hale and healthy is paralyzed now it was a stroke the same thing happen with a good friend’s father this week. These things prove a point. Life is really, really uncertain we have no idea what we have in stake ahead of us. So it is better to lead this moment and carry no regrets. Tell your loved ones how much you love them and you miss them if you do, express yourself, check the items on your wish list, stay in touch with all your friends and relatives, don’t carry grudges, if things are going bad if a person walks out of your life let them go stop brooding over things that are over. They will come back if you matter to them the way they matter to you! Won’t they? Put a filter in your life. Yes, allow only those who are worth sharing your life into it. Don’t beg for love and attention, if they really love you, you will always have it even without asking for it!

Live like there is no tomorrow, there really is no certainty that there is!


  1. True that. The beauty of life is such that it is very uncertain and none of us know what will happen. Death is sure but how the death will come is a mystery. Taking time to be kind and giving smiles is one way to make life beautiful for us and others.

    Lovely lesson.

    Joy always,

    1. Very true! I agree. Thank you Susan :)

  2. Yes, life is very uncertain. In fact, life is sorrow as the Buddha said. But one has to live it anyway...

  3. I felt the same way when my grandmother passed away Gayathri. Life truly is uncertain and full of surprises and shocks, loss of someone close to you brings that in light.
    And it was a worthy thing you said through this post. Loved reading it. Keep writing! :)

    1. Yes, Kirti! Can't agree more. Thank you for the comment :)


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