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Saturday, 6 April 2013

A wish, a feeling, a heart, you!

I have a secret boxed in my heart
A heart that beats for you,
Yet you don’t know the secret
Because it is a beautiful secret
You are not ready to know yet!
So I keep it locked in my heart

I have a dream, a dream I keep seeing
With the same eyes I see you everyday
Yet you cannot see the dream I see
Because you are not ready to see it yet
So I keep it locked in my eyes

I have a wish, a wish that I want to come true,
A wish that helps me go on and keeps me happy,
A wish that grew into a mighty desire
I couldn't hold my feelings for you long
The wish engulfed my perseverance

I feel a special feeling for you,
A feeling that makes me think, I am yours
That insists we are meant to be together
A feeling that makes me feel, we are soul mates
Yet I don’t tell you everything I feel
Because I know you would think it’s funny!
So I keep everything I feel to myself!

I know three precious words that I want to say
I talk a ton of words with the same tongue
I talk to you about everything under the sky
Yet I don’t tell you those three precious words
Because I am too hesitant and afraid
And I know you wouldn't like it
So I keep them to myself and not reveal to you!

I keep waiting by your doorsteps,
I wait for you to open the door and let me in
I wait for you to let me stay and cherish my presence
So you can be the center of my life like you are now
So I can wake up one morning happily
And not wish that my dream came true
But to see that my dream has come true.


  1. That really is a great poetry, underscoring love is nothing but fine feelings and emotions. Like it.

    1. Thanks a lot sir! :) Glad you liked it and yes love is magical ! Thank you for the regular read!!


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