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Monday, 15 April 2013

A silent cry!

Maybe you are alone
I can be a good friend
Maybe you don’t want to share
But I want to hear
Maybe you want to be left alone
But I don’t want leave you
Maybe I am insane
But I am forgivable
Maybe I am far
But can still be near
Maybe we are distant
But that doesn't change things
Maybe someday you might need someone
I hope you will think of me then
Maybe someday we will talk again for hours together
Till the dawn broke and still don’t want to hang up
Maybe the day might come back
Maybe it will just be a dream that will be in dusts

Maybe you don’t want to say
And maybe I gave up
Maybe my tears are worthless now
Maybe my pain never understood
Maybe someday you will come around
Maybe someday I will get my friend back
Maybe that will be the day I will celebrate
And give a toss for us and togetherness!


  1. Lovely poem Gayathri! I hope you celebrate soon! :)

  2. Beautiful poem it is. Pain silently woven into mild words. Loved it Gayathri.

  3. May be this is the how a friend feels when a friend leaves.. Loved each and every line. Hope the 'Celebration day' is just around the corner.

  4. Silent suffering & hope--your poem mirrors lovely sentiments.


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