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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My Peeves!!

Today I had a very tough time taking my vehicle out of the parking lot at my gym. A scooty streak probably fell in love with my pep and was smooching it hard. The moment I saw this, first thing that came to my mind was no wonder guys tease girls about parking vehicles. Maybe few of us lack common sense and just too irresponsible or senseless or the attitude “Who cares!” There was no space and it is basic sense to use the main stand this blessed princess I wish I had seen her had used the side stand. It took me 10 minutes to move all the vehicles under the hot sun I was so irked I really considered puncturing the wheels! On the way back home, I was thinking of my favourite peeves. Yes, I am the kind of person who gets very irritated and complain a lot when things go out of order I don’t adjust when I am not supposed to!
Then I came up with this list!
1)      There are people who can never walk fast in a crowd. Maybe they cannot walk fast ever but in a crowd they walk really very slowly! They walk in the middle of a narrow lane or the stairwell. They won’t let you pass them because the place will be crowded enough that you will not have a choice but follow them. They are careless about the whole world and their surroundings. They somehow have all the time in the world! If there is a slow race in Olympics send these people and India will surely win a gold medal!

2)      There are people who just give me their opinions on my new haircut, clothes, shoes and what not! I once met a lady, I have not interacted much with her and I was shocked when she saw my shoes and said, ‘I hate these types of shoes! They don’t look good on your feet!’ My friend was standing next to me giggling and I felt the blood gushing onto my face in anger! We all like freebies but a BIG no to free advice and opinion! I don’t take advices even it is for free and I don’t need yours when I have not asked for one. Few people love to advice because they think their life is just so perfect and they have seen everything in the world so they have a natural tendency to give their opinion or advice on your work or whatever you do they barge in and cannot stop giving you a piece of advice or their opinion of it that will definitely annoy you. I control my serious urge to say, “GO TO HELL!” to these people.

3)      Talk about people who have this I DON’T CARE THAT YOU ARE WAITING IN THE QUEUE I WILL KEEP SHOPPING. In the supermarket there are these people who will bring stuff and give them to the billing counter their spouse or children or sometimes themselves will still be running around the store to pick items and they would be dropping it into the basket as the other things are billed. OK, now you must either lack the substance that should be inside your skull or you should be thinking that I am an idiot. I once took out the basket of the woman who was doing something like this and gave mine. She was so raged and picked a fight with me. But no I did not give up, I generally don’t! The sad part of this whole thing is these people either don’t understand that they are violating the queue rules (oh yes! There are rules) or they think they will not be questioned. Uh-huh they are wrong if I am around.

4)      Do not use mobile phones while you workout. Considering the fact that mine is an international gym and the women who come there can definitely read English they should definitely not use the phone but then this is the time they talk to all their friends and relatives. Once there was this lady who was yelling at the top of her voice to a reportee of hers because the poor fellow had to take leave. She was yelling at him/her throughout the 20 minutes she was cycling. This is not it. I listen to romance stories, gossips, I just get so curious on how the other person reacts to what these ladies say! When there is an instruction not to use phones don’t use it. Can’t you live without that thingy for 2 hours! What a pity..!

5)      I am a gadget freak; hey look I am using a laptop! I love music and cannot live without it for even a second. These people bring their laptops from office or home. They stretch their legs on the other seat and sit like they are in the living room of their house watch movies worse soaps! OK, so why am I bothered about it? They do these in a fully crowded train! I have seen a laptop and I don’t care you own one. Then we have the music lovers they don’t use their headsets in public places they assume their favourite song is everybody’s favourite song and they play music in the maximum volume on their mobile speakers. I really wish we still stuck to 1100 and the phones that did not have an mp3 player. These people are the most irritating creatures in the world.

I can go on and on with my peeves but my friends already say that I complain a lot (that I do if things are imperfect) I am not a perfectionist but I do expect people to follow the system and use their common sense! So I better stop here. I feel a lot better already :D
Thank you for patiently reading my rant, you can tell me yours if you have any! J


  1. "I am not a perfectionist but I do expect people to follow the system and use their common sense!" - I couldn't have said it better than you :) You nailed it and you have no idea of the size of the grin I have on my face right now reading all these, as I go nodding to every statement of yours. The queue thing, OMG, seriously you would think people would have some basic common sense, but no!!!! And the walking thing, LOL - seriously man, especially when you're running late to someplace, all the slow walkers will be walking right in front of you!

    1. Thank you Deepa! Oh don't even tell me I would have a serious urge to push them aside and run ahead. Especially, when I my company bus takes off right infront of my eyes! :(

  2. One thing i noticed at parking lots in malls/theaters, though they charge for parking the vehicles, there are boards saying that 'Vehicles are parked at your own risk' If it's our risk, than why the hell are you charging? i get irate whenever i see this. i still don't understand the logic behind this.
    'A scooty streak probably fell in love with my pep and was smooching it hard.' lol.. there couldn't have been a better line than this!! Perfectly penned it.

    1. hehe thank you Sharath! :)Parking at the malls is mostly a headache of the guys in my life! :) But I have wondered the same if it is at my own risk don't charge me!

  3. Good write up, but what will you do if you are in their place.. say the queue thing, there is a single counter and there are some 10 people in queue and by the time they are billing your good's your Mom calls and ask for an extra item(something necessary) to purchase..will you stop the billing and go back to the last member of the queue or will you ask excuse?? Since you told there are rules i hope you wont say there can be exceptions :) And also you told i am not a perfectionist..i hope that is not a disclaimer :P


    1. Hello Joe, Forgetting is a different thing you don't forget so many things at the same time. And if I were in their place I would at least ask them to excuse me for doing so, I would sincerely apologize to keep them waiting. It truly would bother me, so it's basically putting yourself in others shoes so I would expect a apology at the least! You are wasting my time because you forgot something!I think it is not too much to ask for. One more thing, if you have forgotten so many things at the same time it is clearly your fault and yes I would definitely expect you to go pick them and start over! Honestly, I have done that and so has my mother. We think that is manners. And no it is not a disclaimer it means I am not a perfectionist, but I have common sense and know manners! :)

      Finally thank you for appreciating my write up :)

  4. Very good post. I could easily relate to the slow walkers and the queue breakers. I wonder how people walk slow in Chennai where it is summer all through the year. Try adding few more items into the basket of queue breakers so that, they at the least end up paying more for making someone wait longer.


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