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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Grumble mumble grumble groan..!

Grumble mumble grumble groan
Stop looking at the beauty and gold
Don’t you hear me moan and grunt
Here I am screaming for you to care
Pay some attention to the one you own
deceived by the stunner you fool!
Grumble mumble grumble groan

Oh! Please listen to my pleas and cries
Ignore the damsel alluring you
How menial I feel infront of these marvels
You keep ignoring and admiring the gold
I cannot take this pain any longer
You walking and dragging me here and there
You don’t heed to my grievous cries
So here I am giving you the pain
Grumble mumble grumble groan

And finally you heard my shriek
Here we are at a lovely place
Rejoicing that wonderful snack
One bite and thump it falls on me
I close my eyes and enjoy the feel
Don’t you ignore my calls again
Coz I, your stomach can give you more pain!

I thought of this poem/Rhyme whatever you want to call it,  when I was shopping gold this afternoon. I was feeling enormously hungry but still I went on looking for more designs and  models. And here it is my stomach telling you how cruel I was to it ! :)


  1. Lol.. That sure is a funny piece. :)

    1. hehe thanks! But that's what exactly happened today! :D


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